Leak: Netflix Working on a Final Fantasy 7 & Kingdom Hearts Anime

Final fantasy cloud
Is the Final Fantasy anime really in the making? (Credit: Square Enix)

We've already seen an animated series based on Castlevania, the recently released DOTA: Dragon's Blood and the upcoming League of Legends: Arcane. According to a recent rumor, Netflix is also producing a Final Fantasy 7 anime.

Let's start by saying all the information in this article is based on a rumor so take it with a grain of salt. Furthermore, the source of it is 4chan but let's be real they get the leaks right more often than not.

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Netflix Final Fantasy 7 Anime

According to the leak, Square Enix is collaborating with Netflix to produce an animated show based on Final Fantasy 7. Since many of us already played through the game, the show won't be repeating known events but unfolding new stories that intertwine with what we've already seen. The first part of the anime will serve as a prequel to the events that happened before FF7, then follow up with the aforementioned intertwined stories. At the very end, you can expect something that'll tease some sort of future release.

The Final Fantasy show is rumored to be in the final stages of development, but a release date is unclear. But wait that's not all.

Kingdom hearts
Yeah, a Kingdom Hearts anime will be wild. (Credit: Square Enix/Disney)

Kingdom Hearts Anime

Following the same leak, the poster mentioned that a Kingdom Hearts animated show is also in the works, made entirely with CG. It'll be a lot shorter than the Final Fantasy one but tell a more complex story that'll combine elements from Kingdom Hearts Union X, Birth By Sleep, and Kingdom Hearts 3. For anyone who hasn't played all the Kingdom Hearts games, the story might be a bit confusing so let's hope that the anime will clear that up. From what we know so far, the Kingdom Hearts show will be more of an adaptation than an actual new entry in terms of lore.

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