FFXIV Patch 6.3: All New Mounts And How To Get Them

There's so much new content with the arrival of patch 6.3 in FFXIV, and most excitingly of all we're getting new mounts. Here's an overview of how to get them all.

Phaethon mount ffxiv
What a handsome boy we got in patch 6.3! | © Meoni on YouTube & Square Enix

One thing to really look forward to with major patches are all the cool new mounts the dev team has come up with. Patch 6.3 gave us 9 new mounts differing in their difficulty to obtain, so get ready to farm all that new content!

Here's a quick overview of FFXIV's new mounts and how to get them.

Lynx Of Righteous Fire

A new Extreme Trial offers one of the new mounts as a reward, and staying true to the theme of this expansion it's a lynx! You can farm this mount from the Extreme version of the new Trial. Respecting the grace period for spoilers, we'll add the name in a few weeks.

Remember that currently the mount drops randomly. The ability to buy it with grueling 99 totems will be added in a later patch together with an increased drop rate, so you can either farm them out now during the hype or wait a bit.

Phaethon And Pinky

Two other mounts that need to be farmed out, are Phaeton, a fire themed reskin of Ixion, and Pinky. Both of them can be obtained by doing Treasure Hunts and farming a specific item.

Pinky mount ffxiv
YoshiP was smiling from ear to ear while showing off the new elephant mount. | © Square Enix

Pinky needs 3 Exciting Tonics, which can be found in Excitatron 6000. This dungeon has a small chance of appearing by doing Timeworn Kumbhiraskin Maps. Either find them during Gathering in Ultima Thule, get them as reward for Wondrous Tails once a week or buy them from the marketboard.

For Phaethon you need 3 Burning Horns from the new Shifting Gymnasion Agonon. The system is the same as above, but the map you need is called Timeworn Ophiotauroskin Map and can be gathered in Elpis.

After you farmed them, exchange the items in Radz-at-Han at the Totem and Sundry Exchange (X:10.6 Y:10.0).

Anden III

"Who doesn't want to ride on a sentient pile of leaves?", seems to be what the dev team were thinking when creating this mount. Honestly, this new mount looks adorable, but it wasn't something I expected.

Anden F Fxiv
He sure looks leafy ;) | © Square Enix

Now to get your new mount you have to simply do your weekly Custom Deliveries with Anden until you've reached the max Rank. This takes 4 weeks to do, so if you dutifully do your six allowances each week in one month's time this mount is all yours.

Island Alligator

Now this little one shouldn't be too hard to get, right? To get yourself a rideable Island Alligator all you need are 35,000 Seafarers Cowries. These are the main currency in your Island Sanctuary, where you obtain them by crafting items in your workshops. Maybe you've already farmed them beforehand, but if not it'll take you a bit over a week with the most optimal routine.

Blackjack And Logistics Node

The name of the next mount might already tip you off about where to find it. You guessed right: Let's go to the Gold Saucer! Our new flying airship Blackjack can be exchanged for 4,000,000 MGP and can fit up to 4 people! So a must to carry your friends around Etheirys.

Blackjack airship ffxiv
Everyone get into the Airship Express! | © Square Enix

Time for a new season of PvP! In this season at lvl 15 of Crystal Conflict you will unlock your Logistics Node. To gain levels all you need to do is play some matches and watch your levels rise.

Chrysomallos And Magitek Avenger G1

Sadly I'll probably never get the last 2 mounts of this patch, as I make a lot of bad financial choices in FFXIV. For Chrysomallos and Magitek Avenger G1 you need to pay 50,000,000 Gil each to Edelina in Mor Dhona (X:22.1 Y:4.8). That's what we call a Gil sink for the rich.

That's all for our new mounts. Some of them are time-consuming and others can be a steal, depending on your play style. All in all pretty much every corner of FFXIV (sorry hunts) has been enriched with sparkling new mounts!