Finding Excalibur in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

AC Valhalla Excalibur In Stone
Excalibur was King Arthur's legendary blade. Interestingly, many people believe that Excalibur and the Sword in the Stone are not the same sword! (Image credit: GamesHedge)

Hidden across Norway and England are plenty of legendary weapons, many rooted in folklore and legend. None, however, are as legendary as Excalibur, the sword of King Arthur – the famous Sword in the Stone. In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, you can wield the blade of evil’s bane, but it won’t be easy...

In your Viking quest to conquer England, Excalibur is perhaps the most desired item of them all. As the mystical sword of King Arthur, it is said that the blade can only be wielded by the rightful ruler of Britain. The sword is one of the most legendary items in the game and very difficult and tiresome to obtain. That’s why we’re here to help!

Eivor AC Valhalla Cool Weapons
There are many great weapons in Valhalla, and dual-wielding makes them even more cool! (Image credit: Ubisoft)

The Quest for Excalibur

The one whom wields Excalibur is he/she who should rightfully rule England! In your quest to conquer Britain for your Viking friends, such a blade is perhaps the most desired sword to have. It is also bl@#dy cool, and super powerful.

That being said, it is also insanely difficult to obtain in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla – honestly, the LONGEST and most COMPLEX quest in the whole game!!!

AC Valhalla Epic Excalibur Pose
We've got to admit, Excalibur in Valhalla is pretty damn awesome – just look at that pose! (Image credit: Ubisoft)

To be the powerful owner of this legendary sword, you must collect all 11 Treasures of Britain scattered across the land – tablets that you will need to gain access to Excalibur. To help you out, we’ve put together a quick gallery guide to help you find the first 8 of those tablets.

Just remember: there are 11 tablets to collect to get Excalibur in total, the other 3 tablets have fallen into the hands of dangerous Zealots (extremely powerful enemies) who can be found scattered across Britain's countryside. We'll return to the Zealots later.

How to Find the Treasures of Britain Tablets

We recommend that before you tackle the Zealots, you locate the initial 8 hidden Treasures of Britain Tablets. The reasons for this are pretty simple! For every tablet you discover, you get a skill point! The Zealots are insanely powerful, so you really need to be at your absolute best.

Additionally, you can collect these tablets while following other quests! There is no need to set out and do this quest all at once, it is super long and you don’t need Excalibur right away.

Click through the gallery below to reveal the locations of all 8 of these hidden tablets:

Key Tips for Finding the Tablets

  • The Grimes' Graves tablet is hidden in some pots on the right-hand side of the table. Eivor will mutter "another" when close by.
  • The Cavern of Trials is the most difficult tablet to get. You have to get a few keys – remember to jump and hold the pick-up button as you can only obtain them whilst in the air. Take your time and explore.
  • The keys in the Cavern of Trials are vital. Use Odin's sight to locate them easier!
  • You have to blow up a small stone wall to enter the Santlache Mine. When you dive into the water, make sure you have full breath as it's a long swim.
  • The best path in Deoraby Spar Cavern is through the right-hand statue.
  • Don't take the boat in Wocig! If you swim and take some dives, you will uncover a bunch of goodies under the water!

Remember to take note of these suggestions when collecting the tablets, and have fun with them! There is a lot of excellent loot in these caves, explore them and keep an eye out for tons of cash and other goodies.

Zealots... not for the faint-hearted!

The first tip we will give here is to not rush into these fights. The Zealots are some of the toughest fights in the game, and they can down you in one fell swoop if you try to take them down too early!

Bide your time, play the main quests, and level up your character: we recommend focusing on combat-related skills and not attempting the Zealots until you are less than 30 levels below the Zealot at the VERY least (preferably fight them at the suggested level).

Zealot 1 – Woden

You will find Woden on the South-West main road to Canterbury, between the head of the snake and the edge of town. We recommend that you lure him away from the main road, as you don’t want soldiers turning up and causing a hassle! He will be riding a horse, so look for a silver-armored man with a black cape. As with all the Zealots you need to remember to "activate" him. To do this, shoot him with an arrow or find a way to inflict damage on him – at the very least, he needs to see you!

AC Valhalla Zealot Woden
Remember to stock up on food before starting any fight with a Zealot! (Image credit: EmotionGamingRO via YouTube)

When you are fighting Woden, you will find out that he is a very fast and nimble opponent, but also capable of inflicting huge amounts of damage! His recommended level is 220, so we would say at the very least you should be level 200 before attempting to fight him.

In combat, make sure to use lots of small attacks (with a dagger or something similar) and keep on your toes. Try to stay within medium range of him because if you get too far, he will start shooting at you with his bow. Take it slow, use your bow and arrow as well, and slowly whittle down his health until you have victory and can "confirm kill".

Zealot 2 – Heike

Heike can be found in Essexe, in a forest between the Belesduna Bandit Camp and Brentwood Outpost – just north of Old Gravesham Bridge. There are a lot of soldiers in this area, so remember again to make sure to lure him away from the road! You don’t want to end up fighting a bunch of bandits or soldiers whilst trying to take him out. This Zealot is more powerful than Woden, a recommended level of 250, so don't attempt this fight until you are at least level 230.

AC Valhalla Zealot Heike
Combine arrows with two-handed hits to first stun then deal decent damage to Heike! (Image credit: WoW Quests via YouTube)

You will find that Heike is a big bloke. He wields a big shield that puts up a lot of resistance to your attacks and fights you with a large sword that deals huge damage with just one hit. Keep in mind that he also has healing potions, so don't leave him too long without making contact, keep up the heat! Unlike with Woden, we recommend a two-fold approach to this fight:

  1. Use your bow a lot – if you hit him in the head with a high-powered bow/arrow, that will deal a tone of damage! Just be careful, if you get too far from him, he starts throwing bombs.
  2. Attack using a heavy-duty two-handed weapon! A giant axe or a Greatsword are perfect to deal a bunch of damage to Heike, but move after every attack as you don’t want to get hit!

Zealot 3 – Hrothgar

The final Zealot is Hrothgar, found in Suthsex. He can be found in the forests and fields south-east of Cicestre Abbey and west of Crawleah. You can also find him further south of Crawleah, as he roams quite a lot. Look out for another big black Knight – but this time with a huge two-handed axe!

This one is the toughest of the 3 Zealots and is a recommended level 280 – under no circumstances should you try to take him on until you are at least 260. Be stocked up on food, have full XP, charged up adrenaline and tons of arrows. SAVE YOUR GAME!!

Hrothgar is a beast and if you let him get to you, you are dead meat. Your best bet is to go for the knees! That might sound weird, but we mean with an arrow...

The elder scrolls v skyrim arrow to the knee meme
We're REALLY sorry... (Image credit: Et Geekera via memegenerator)

If Hrothgar takes an arrow to the knee, he will often stumble and fall a little, giving you a short opportunity to get in some hits. We once again recommend using something a bit stronger, like a double-handed weapon, to deal the most damage.

Move as fast as you can and keep moving, use the most acrobatic abilities and moves you have, and keep the intensity up. Eventually, you will finally score the last tablet!

AC Valhalla Zealot Hrothgar
Hrothgar is slow, but once he gets swinging, he keeps swinging. Roll away, keep your distance and DON'T GET HIT! (Image credit: Tzynr via YouTube)

Taking the Sword From the Stone: Long Live the King!

You’ve done it: you’ve finally collected everything you need to get your hands on this legendary sword! We’ll tell you what, when we got to this point we were bl@!dy exhausted – but it is totally worth it. I mean, who doesn’t want to live a Viking/King Arthur-fantasy? It is the ultimate fantasy nerd's dream, but also an insane hassle to actually get your hands on in Valhalla. But anyway, where is it, you may ask?

Excalibur is hidden away in Myrddin’s Cave, located in Hamtunscire south-east of Uffentune and north-west of Stone Henge. You will be pleased to hear that now you have found yourself all 11 tablets, this process is quite straightforward. Upon arrival, follow the parkour route and perform a final leap of faith into the water that precedes the entrance to Excalibur’s hiding place. Here is the cave on a map!

Assassins creed valhalla excalibur location
This long journey is at its end: Excalibur is very close to Stone Henge! (Image credit: PCGamesN)

Once inside, you will notice 12 monoliths surrounding the sword (one already holds a tablet) which is wedged into a stone like in the tales of old! All you now need to do is insert the tablets into each of the stone monoliths (there is no particular order here) and pull the sword from the stone.

Take a quick look at the stats and you will see that Excalibur is already in its final mythical tier, and cannot be upgraded anymore. That is okay, though, as it is insanely powerful!

So there you have it, we are finally at the end of a long adventure of trials and tribulations. The Excalibur quest is one of the longest and toughest in Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, but once you have it, few will stand in your way! It may be frustrating at times – we have certainly found it so – but it is hugely rewarding to finally have the sword in your hands. Long live the King!


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