Dark Souls Creator Working on Claymore Anime Game?

Claymore is a beloved anime and manga from over a decade ago, and now rumor has it that FromSoftware is looking to turn the series into their latest game. We analyze if there is any truth to it.

Dark souls claymore
Not gonna lie: Dark Souls and Claymore are actually a good match. | © Dark Souls, Claymore

Get your pinches of salt out, everybody, because this leak is mighty sus. Still, this leak is also mighty hype, so I gotta go in on this one: A user on 4Chan claims to know that FromSoftware is working on a Claymore game that is due to be released sometime in 2024 or 2025. You can read the full leak here. Also, below is the leakers prime source of evidence: A supposed picture of the game, which I don't intend to keep from you:

Is this our first glimpse at a Claymore game from FromSoftware? | © FromSoftware

Now, some users were quick to claim that this picture is not real, and is, in fact, taken from this ArtStation account. However, browsing through said ArtStation account, I don't see the artist ever uploading that picture, nor do I see him writing the title 'Claymore' in a font and style that even remotely resembles what we can see in the picture above. I'm not saying that the leak is not far-fetched, I'm just saying that discrediting it with this ArtStation account is even more far-fetched.

Now, the leaker obviously has more information than just a single picture:

  • The Claymore game will be similar in style to Sekiro
  • The game will feature a female protagonist
  • The game will have linear storytelling
  • The publisher will be Bandai
  • The story will be original and redone, but it will still pay its respects to the source material
  • The story is not canon, and it is not connected to the anime or the manga
  • The game is planned for 2024/2025, and will only fully go into production once Elden Ring is finished

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Make of all this what you will, but I, for one, would be excited about FromSoftware taking on Claymore. Still, one has to wonder: Why would such a major publisher take on a license that is arguably outdated and niche. If we're talking manga or anime, there are other games that are much more mainstream, and would appeal to a wider audience. Sure, Claymore lends itself well to the Souls-like treatment, but so would Berserker, or even something super mainstream like Demon Slayer.

Well... we'll find out in due time, whether this is all bogus, or if we can actually look forward to a Claymore game in a couple of years.