Future PlayStation Controllers Will Change Temperature To Reflect Gameplay

Controllers might become even more interactive, with Sony filing a patent for temperature changing technology.

PS5 Dualsense Edge Controller
In the future your PlayStation controller might change temperature depending on your gameplay. | © Sony

Controllers have come a long way since the early days, and every console generation adds its own new twist to them. The next step in controller evolution has now leaked through a patent from Sony. Gaming will become even more immersive with their new idea... or your controller will turn into a game of hot potato.

PlayStation Controller Temperature Change - Genius Or Disastrous?

Have you ever thought: "Man, I wish, I could feel this heat right now!" while going through a desert or volcano level in a game? I certainly haven't. Most of the time I even turn off the vibration function, cause it distracts me in the middle of a good cutscene. But Sony doesn't share these concerns as they patent a new technology that could artificially heat up your controller.

In essence, it would allow the controller to reflect moments of gameplay that involve heat (character being burned and so on) by physically changing temperature. While the idea seems cool, in practice most people would probably turn it off. Also, imagine the strain on the battery. How often would you need to charge your controller with this new feature?

Of course, this is only a patent filing, so it is not confirmed to release any time soon. I guess, we can do nothing but wait with our current PS5 controllers.

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