Get One Of The Best FPS Of All Time For Free This Week!

Great news for fans of post-apocalyptic scenarios and survival horror games - Metro Last Light will be available for free soon.

Metro Last Light now for free! | © 4A Games

If we had to buy every single great game, then we would all be broke. That's why it's worth waiting for moments like this one! The devs of a beloved FPS used the occasion of the game's 10th anniversary to make it available to us for free!

Get Metro Last Light For Free

The Metro: Last Light Complete Edition game will be available from May 18 to May 25 for free on Steam.

The Complete Edition version of the game includes:

  • Basic game version
  • DLCs: Chronicles, Developers, Tower and Faction

Metro Last Light Gameplay

Among the most remarkable aspects of Metro: Last Light is its unique atmosphere. The attention paid to the details in creating this post-apocalyptic world is stunning, from the hauntingly beautiful environments to the subtle sound design.

Metro: Last Light's plot can also be discussed for hours. It continues the story from its predecessor, Metro 2033, and delves even deeper into the extensive history of Dmitry Glukhovsky's Metro universe. As the protagonist Artyom, you will embark on a dangerous journey through the ruins of Moscow. The game explores themes of survival, morality and the human spirit in the face of overwhelming adversity.

Well, the unique atmosphere, engaging storyline and exciting gameplay mechanics create an immersive experience you just can't miss!

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