The Real Reason Why God of War Ragnarok Is Delayed

God of War Ragnarok was hit with some delays, and many people thought the game was doomed. As it turns out, the real reason is actually heartwarming... and sad.
God of War Ragnarok Delay Release Date
Greatness takes time, and you you can bet your sweet bottom that God of War Ragnarok is going to deliver greatness. | © Santa Monica Studios

So, here's the deal: You would think that a studio like Santa Monica Studios would have earned itself some slack, right? It's not like God of War 1, 2, 3 and now the reboot with dad-Kratos were some of the greatest games that PlayStation has ever seen. It's not like every single one of their games is easily an 8, if not a 9. This studio, literally, has done no wrong, yet when it was announced that God of War Ragnarok would be delayed, people spelled doom. When it was announced that their Thor would be fat, people spit venom. When it was announced that there would be a new director at the helm of Ragnarok, the game was dead already.

Well... people... you're about to feel really stupid, because I now announce the real reason why God of War Ragnarok was delayed:

Yup. Christopher Judge, the man who brought you Kratos' voice. The man, who brought one of gaming's most iconic characters to life... that man had about every major joint surgery I can think of, and Santa Monica kept quiet about it and shouldered the burden of delay. What you got to say now? Huh? Yeah, thought so.

And if you're on about the new director, then consider this: Cory Barlog birthed God of War. If the godfather himself appoints a new director, don't you think there's some substance to it? Not everything is drama or downfall or gossip waiting to be unearthed. Sometimes, creative decisions are made for the better. Though, I do understand where those people are coming from, since they're not alone: Christoper Judge was ready to quit when he heard that Barlog wouldn't be the director of Ragnarok. Then, this happened:

For the people in the back: Eric Williams is a beast. There you have it. No conspiracy, no drama... God of War Ragnarok was simply delayed due to very understandable reasons.

Now, if you're still b*tching about Fat Thor in the upcoming God of War, then I want to point you to my spoken word, because my writing can't possibly do my frustration justice:

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