God of War Ragnarök Launch Trailer Released To Get Us Even More Hyped

Sony released the official launch trailer for God of War Ragnarök to get us even more excited about the imminent release.

Kratos dabbing Tyr in God of War Ragnarök
The God of War Ragnarök launch trailer is here and we're hyped. | © Sony

God of War Ragnarök us almost here and we're very excited. The sequel to the fantastic reboot from 2018 is coming out on November 9 for PlayStation 4 and PS5 and we were already extremely hyped for it. Then Sony decided to drop the launch trailer on us and now I literally can't wait for the game anymore.

Check Out The God of War Launch Trailer

Around two weeks before launch, Sony has treated us to one final trailer to get us ready for the next adventure of Kartos and his son Atreus. We were obviously already pretty hyped, but this trailer really stoked the fires again. If you're worried about spoilers, don't worry: the trailer isn't super long and they're doing a good job of not revealing too much about the game.

Check out the launch trailer here:

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