GTA 6 Will be Less Edgy and Funny!

In a recent interview Rockstar co-founder Jamie King gave some insights into what he thinks about GTA 6. Why will GTA 6 be less edgy and what esle can we expect?

Gta 6 1990s
What could less edgy mean? | © Screen Rant

Of course we want to know everything there is about GTA 6. Especially after the disaster we just experienced with the GTA Trilogy... We already got many leaks about the setting of GTA 6, destructable environment, the rumored release date and much more. Now Rockstar co-founder Jamie King revealed some more info in a recent interview.

But first who the hell is this Jamie King? As mentioned before he is one of the four founding members of Rockstar Games. He worked on titles like GTA 2, Max Payne, GTA 3, GTA: Vice City, GTA: San Andreas, and many more. So yes, even though he isn't with Rockstar anymore, this guy knows his stuff and also knows what he's talking about when asked for info on GTA 6.

GTA 6 Will be Less Edgy, but Maintain its Quality

In an interview by Killaz on YouTube, King was asked about the future of Rockstar and specifically about his thoughts on GTA 6. Jamie tells us that Rockstar is still working with the same engine, using the same content but having perfected the systems over time. He then goes an saying that he doesn't think gameplay mechanics will be affected or greatly altered, but that he thinks the game's tone will change. Here is a short clip with the relevant part of the interview:

King says he wouldn't be surprised if the tone changes and the game won't be quite as edgy or quite as funny. He also thinks there is more opportunity for the developers to do something cheesy, which "they never do".

So let's sum up: GTA 6 will probably not change base gameplay mechanics, and will maintain the quality we are expecting from new Rockstar games, since it uses the same, but perfected, engine. It will, however, be less edgy and funny... but maybe a bit more cheesy...

Honestly, that is basically all Jamie said. What do you think about that? Do you want GTA to be less edgy, or is this exactly what you loved from the series?