GTA Online: New Heist Cayo Perico Revealed!

GTA Online heist
The new Heist brings a completely new environment and a super cool atmosphere! (Image credit: Rockstar Games)

GTA Online is an unparalleled long-running hit. After 7 years, the online gangster simulator is still at the top of all charts and is played by millions of fans. They will be rewarded very soon with a big new update.

There is a lot to do in GTA Online. Missions, races, deathmatches, adversary modes, and of course heists. The game has a large, dedicated fan base that has been consistently running shenanigans together in Los Santos for years. Despite the seemingly endless abundance of content, this community yearns for new updates and especially more heists, the clear highlight of the game. Now in the pre-Christmas season, Rockstar will fulfill that desire with a brand-new heist!

GTA Cayo Perico
The new heist Cayo Perico takes you to a cool new location! (Image credit: Rockstar Games)

Cayo Perico is the name of the new heist, and it sounds very promising! It will take place in the island paradise of the same name, which houses the drug lord El Rubio. The island seems to serve not only as a headquarters for his dirty business but also as a location for endless parties. Fyre Festival, anyone?

The player is tasked with robbing El Rubio. Rockstar calls this "the biggest GTA Online adventure ever" and some scenes in the trailer already hint that something big is waiting for us here. Of course, the introduction of a completely new environment, which is happening for the first time in GTA Online history, is a big deal. It also points to a submarine, which is supposed to be central to the heist, points to a great and fun adventure. Ahoy, sailor!

Check out the trailer here and get your own impression of the sun and blood-soaked affairs in Cayo Perico!

It is still unclear to what extent we will be able to explore Cayo Perico. Will it be a linear area where you can only play the heist missions? Will it be a small sandbox where we can run around freely? We don't know yet, but luckily, we don't have to wait long: the update will be released on December 15! That's less than a week away, so the wait will be very short!

The update will also bring some other GTA Online typical new features. Like The Music Locker, a new underground club in the basement of the casino. Furthermore, there will be new weapons, clothes, vehicles, and buildings to purchase.

We are really looking forward to the Cayo Perico update and can't wait to soak up some sun in these cold times. What do you think of the new setting and heist? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter and stay tuned to EarlyGame for the latest gaming news!

Original article by EarlyGame's Faris Delalic.