Halo Infinite's Campaign Has Leaked!

Halo infinite campaign leak
Halo Infinite's Campaign has leaked, but don't worry: there are no spoilers here! | © 343 Industries

With Halo Infinite's first beta going live only a few days ago, a number of Halo Infinite Campaign leaks have surfaced after fans discovered details about its campaign in the game's metadata. The entire Halo Infinite campaign has now leaked, with major spoilers running rampant across the internet. How can Halo Infinite's Campaign have been leaked?

Spoiler Notice: Don't worry, we are not going to even mention the contents of the Halo Infinite Campaign leaks. Instead, we are taking a look at how Halo Infinite's campaign leaked, and the response from the developers.

Details about Halo Infinite's campaign have surfaced after avid Halo fans and dataminers came across the files in the Technical Preview that revealed the entire story of the campaign. The leak included a number of characters and plot-points integral to the story, and thus we would like to warn you to be careful on the net at the moment if you don't want some pretty major Halo Infinite spoilers. The Halo Infinite Campaign leak really is a deep shame for the developers who worked so hard to bring this game to us!

Whilst we're not going to reveal anything about the spoilers revealed in the Halo Infinite Campaign leak, we do have plenty of Halo Infinite news for you! Here's the latest.

How Did Halo Infinite's Campaign Leak?

Halo Infinite's Campaign leaked after dataminers found information in the Technical Preview's metadata, revealing key characters and plot-points within the game. It's not particularly surprising, considering the caliber of Halo Infinite, and how excited people are for this game. The inclusion of the leaked information in the metadata did, however, turn out to be a mistake on the behalf of the developers.

343 Industries' director, Joseph Staten, said the following in relation to the Halo Infinite campaign leaks:

Hey folks, heads up: we unintentionally included a small number of #HaloInfinite campaign files in the tech preview build. Unfortunately, these files contain spoilers. 1/2

The Halo Infinite technical preview, the game's first beta, was released on July 28. It is only available to a limited few players around the world, and is a multiplayer-only preview. This is why it was so bizarre that story spoilers were discovered in the game files. Unexpected, but certainly a goldmine for the dataminers who found them.

Much of the Halo Infinite Campaign leak related to story beats and specific in-mission objectives, along with several new characters that will feature in the game. In addition to these, achievements and weapons were revealed, but these were not really spoilers, as we already expected most of these to be in the game anyway.

We will end this article by simply saying the following: let's not spread spoilers, guys. Halo's community director nailed it on the head when he noted that people who post spoilers "Run a very real risk of getting a takedown notice, which could result in a strike on certain platforms." It's not cool. If you want to head out and track down the Halo Infinite Campaign leak, feel free. Just don't share them.

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