Hidden In Your Nintendo Switch: Awesome Features You Should Start Using

The Nintendo Switch can do even more than most gamers realize. Here are some of the best Switch features that you might not have noticed.

Nintendo switch oled model
Here are some awesome hidden Nintendo Switch features | ©Nintendo

We've already had an incredible amount of fun with the Switch, simply because the console is nice. But it also has some pretty useful and snazzy features that it doesn't boast too obviously. In this article, we just want to introduce you to some of our favorite Nintendo Switch features that you might have missed. Let's get into it!

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Nintendo Switch: The Best Hidden Switch Features

Record last 30 seconds

What everyone with a PlayStation or Xbox knows about, is also possible on the Switch. Just press the button on the other side of the home button and the last 30 seconds are saved.

Switch Record
Yes, that's exactly what the button is for. | ©Nintendo

Bluetooth headphones

What was long overdue is now possible: you can listen to audio via Bluetooth. Simply go to Bluetooth devices in the system settings and pair your Bluetooth headphones. Eazy! Sometimes it doesn't work the first time. But don't give up! With me, it also sometimes only works after the 2nd or 3rd attempt.

Zoom feature

I know you probably don't feel that old, but this can be useful for everyone. Especially for these games, which have in-game settings or other important stuff in such small font sizes, that no one can really read it.

This is also really simple to activate. You can activate it simply in the menu under "Console". There you will find the option "Enable Zoom".

To zoom in, you simply have to press the home button twice. To return to the normal screen, press the home button 2x again.


You're probably thinking: Huh, that's easy and certainly nothing new. But we don't mean the normal shutdown. If your Switch doesn't respond again, and that can happen, you can shut it down completely manually. After that, it always starts up again immediately, at least in our experience. The trick is to hold the power button for 12 seconds. Sounds long? It is, but it works.

Search Controller

Such an incredibly nice feature, honestly. You're playing with your friends and the party is briefly interrupted because someone fetches something. Everyone leaves the room and takes the controller with them. And bang, it's gone. But that's exactly why there's a feature.

Switch Search Controller
Why no one told me this bevore | ©Nintendo

Under the item "Controller", you'll find the button "Search Controller". Then, when touch the controller symbol, that specific lost controller starts vibrating. Small tip from me: one should not misplace the controller, otherwise the whole thing will not work.

And it's best not to move the controller to the neighbouring building. The range is not thaaaat long.

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