Nintendo Switch Slow Downloads: How To Increase Your Download Speed

The Nintendo Switch is quite popular and loved by many, but one thing annoys us all, downloading new games takes ages. Here is how to increase the download speed on your Nintendo Switch.

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How to boost your download speed on Nintendo Switch | © Nintendo / EarlyGame

An issue that many users have had with the Nintendo Switch is the download speed, which especially annoying when downloading a big game like Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom. But what if I told you that there is an easy trick to boost up your Switch and you never knew about it? This trick is super easy and quick, but many people have missed it. Luckily you found us, because we're going to let you in on the secret of the Switch Download Turbo. Here is how to boost your download speed.

How To Increase Your Nintendo Switch Download Speed

Games like Zelda: Breath of the Wild or Animal Crossing are quite big and downloading them can take up a lot of time that we all would rather spend on playing. Luckily, there is an easy trick how you can get your Nintendo Switch to download faster. Here's what to do:

  1. Go to your system settings
  2. Switch to the internet settings
  3. Select connection settings
  4. Click on "MTU Value"
  5. Manually increase the value from 1400 to 1500

When you're done the download speed should be a little snappier than normal.

Now you can spend more time playing your favorite games instead of staring at a screen waiting for the download to complete. Hoorah!

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