Slow Download Speed - 8 Options To Fix It

If you're experiencing slow download speed in the desktop app, this can have various reasons. Here are eight things you can do to increase your download speed on the app.

If you're experiencing a slow download speed on the desktop app, here's how to fix the problem. | © Blizzard/EarlyGame

If you want to play popular Blizzard games like World of Warcraft, StarCraft II or Overwatch 2, you need the desktop app to download and install these games. Since most Blizzard games take up a large amount of space on your hard drive, you have to download many gigabytes of data, and obviously you don't want to spend hours waiting for the download to finish.

But from time to time, you may experience strangely low speed rates when downloading a game or an update via the app. This can be caused by a variety of factors, such as server issues, internet connection problems or also conflicts with other software on your computer. Here are some ideas you should try out to increase the download speed on How To Fix Slow Download Speed

Make sure you didn't manually limit the download bandwidth in the settings. | ©Blizzard/EarlyGame
  1. Check your internet connection: Slow download speeds may be due to issues with your internet connection. Make sure that your internet connection is stable and that you're not experiencing any other issues with your network. It can always be worth a try restarting your modem and/or router.
  2. Close other applications: If you have other applications or programs running on your computer while downloading games in the launcher, they could be taking up bandwidth and slowing down your download speeds. Try closing other applications and see if this helps to speed up your download.
  3. Pause and resume the download: Sometimes, pausing and resuming the download can help to improve download speeds. To do this, simply click on the pause button in the launcher and wait a few seconds before clicking on the resume button.
  4. Change your download speed settings: The launcher allows you to adjust your download speed settings. You may want to try changing these settings to see if it helps to improve your download speeds. To do this, click on the Blizzard icon in the top left corner of the app, select "Settings," then click on the "Downloads" tab. Here, you can adjust your download speed settings.
  5. Use a wired connection: If you're using a wireless connection to download games in the launcher, you may want to try using a wired connection instead. This can help to improve download speeds and reduce lag.
  6. Disable any firewalls or antivirus software: Sometimes, firewalls and antivirus software can interfere with downloads and slow down your speeds. If you're experiencing slow download speeds, try disabling any firewalls or antivirus software temporarily to see if this helps.
  7. Clear your cache: Clearing your cache can help to improve download speeds in the launcher. To do this, go to the launcher settings and click on the "Network" tab. Here, you can select "Flush DNS" and "Flush Network Cache."
  8. Disable VPN: The app is known to not be very VPN friendly, so try downloading the data without it.

If you tried all these options and your download speed still doesn't reach your bandwidth capacity, the reason could also be that Blizzard is manually throttling the download speed to a certain limit. To check this, run a speedtest – the easiest way to do so is to type "speed test" into the Google search bar and click on the Internet speed test widget in the results.

If you're getting higher speed results there (as well as for other software downloads on other apps), you can be pretty sure that your internet connection is fine, and that Blizzard is limiting the speed in the app. Unfortunately, this means that you have to live with the fact of not downloading the game files at highest speed.