Honkai Star Rail: These Are Your Memory of Chaos Top Picks During 1.2

In Honkai Star Rail, there are two main end game options: the Simulated Universe and the Forgotten Hall. Both are great for testing your team's and character's limits in order to find out, where to improve your line-up even more to make them super strong! Let's check out who were the most used character during version 1.2.

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Honkai Star Rail: These are your Memory of Chaos top picks during 1.2! | © HoYoverse

The “Memory of Chaos” in Honkai Star Rail is the second half of the Forgotten Hall, which is much harder than the first one, called just “Memory”. Since the The Memory of Chaos will reset after each new patch, it is a great way to consistently farm Stellar Jades!

Only the strongest characters and teams are able to clear the Memory of Chaos, which results in some staples, that almost every player uses!

My must-have for Memory of Chaos? — Probably Jing Yuan or Kafka!

Honkai Star Rail: These Are Your Memory of Chaos Top Picks

Many can probably already guess which characters you will find in the following list, but maybe there will be one or two surprises!

Top 10 Most Used Characters

At the end of every patch of Honkai Star Rail, you can check the usage of each character in the Memory of Chaos on the website of PRYDWEN.GG! For now, we just focus on the top 10 in version 1.2!

Can you guess our top 10 most used units in version 1.2?

#10: Gepard

To start off this list, we have one of the sweetest unit in the entire game: Gepard. Serval's younger brother, Gepard, has just the biggest shield in all of Honkai Star Rail universe and can block tons of lethal damage for your team! Best big brother award goes to: GEPARD!

  • We can find Gepard in 39.17% of the Memory of Chaos runs, which is 0.22% less than last time.

#9 Blade

The second addition to the Stellaron Hunters made his way into this list as well. In general, the community really likes Blade and everyone who managed to get him, probably uses him as well.

Especially interesting is, that he will probably stay around much longer than DPS units like Kafka, since he can take the Tank spot in any team!

  • We can find Blade in 42.16% of the Memory of Chaos runs, which is 3.84% less than last time.

#8: Kafka

What an entrance! Kafka has been around three weeks as of now, and she is already climbing the ladder quite high! Many players are still building their Kafka, in order to make her MoC ready!

Hsr kafka 05
Honkai Star Rail: The Star Rail queen on her throne! | © HoYoverse

We will probably see her a littler higher in this list the next time.

  • We can find Kafka in 44.09% of the Memory of Chaos runs, which is 28.84% more than last time.

#7: Bronya

After entering the list at rank 9, Bronya managed to climb at least some steps in the right direction. However, I thought we would find Bronya further up on the list! However, she is still a 5-Star unit from the standard banner, which means that you can't guarantee getting her!

Nevertheless, she is just the best buffer we have in the game right now, hence why we will probably see her on this list for many more months!

  • We can find Bronya in 46.79% of the Memory of Chaos runs, which is 0.21% less than last time.

#6: Bailu

It is no surprise, that the only three healers in Star Rail will find their spot in this list. Bailu is the first one, since fewer players probably own her in comparison to Natasha. Bailu's healing capabilities are straight up insane and her resurrection feature is by far the coolest thing about her kit!

  • We can find Bailu in 52.61% of the Memory of Chaos runs, which is 0.17% more than last time.

#5: Natasha

She is incredibly strong and free to get right at the beginning of the game: Natasha! Since she was the only healer for many players for a long time, it is only understandable that she is played in so many teams. If you built her correctly, she is almost as strong as Bailu! Sometimes it is quite nice to have a more basic character in your team next to all those fancy new DPC units.

  • We can find the Natasha in 52.96% of the Memory of Chaos runs, which is 1.62% less than last time.

#4: Seele

It is quite understandable that the first Limited Banner 5 star has a really high popularity
Many players pulled Seele right at the beginning of the game, or even created new accounts in order to get Seele right away. She is still an incredible unit, and I guess we will never get rid of her in this list!

  • We can find the Seele in 60.50% of the Memory of Chaos runs, which is 1.90% less than last time.

#3: Silver Wolf

Our favorite hacker lady made her way into the list again! She is probably THE best debuffer right now and with her weakness infliction, she really fits into almost every single team!

Hsr silver wolf 01
Honkai Star Rail: Silver Wolf did not need any of her cheats to get into this list! | © HoYoverse

There is no unit as universal as Silver Wolf, which is why we will continue seeing her in the MoC in many player's teams.

  • We can find the Silver Wolf in 63.54% of the Memory of Chaos runs, which is 1.30% less than last time.

#2: Luocha

Our traveling merchant Luocha, pushed Natasha off her throne and is now by far the most used healing unit in Honkai Star Rail! Rightfully so, he was anticipated to be super high value right before his banner got released, and it looks like the hype was worth it!

  • We can find the Luocha in 65.54% of the Memory of Chaos runs, which is 2.30% less than last time.

#1: Tingyun

Isn't that a surprise? A 4-Star character as the most played unit in a gatcha game? Pretty impressive if you ask me!

For most players, Tingyun is an absolute must-have in either the first or second team in the Memory of Chaos. Her buffing capabilities are almost as strong as Bronya's, however if you happen to get some of her Eidolons, she might even be a better pick than her 5-Star equivalent.

  • We can find the Tingyun in 66.97% of the Memory of Chaos runs, which is 2.77% less than last time.

Are your favorites characters on this list as well? To be fair, the game's character selection isn't the biggest right now, however, it's quite interesting to see the community's favorites!

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