PlayStation Is Working on a Horizon MMO

Reports have come out that suggest PlayStation is looking to expand the Horizon franchise with an MMO. Here's what we know.

Horizon MMO
Horizon Monster Hunter, anyone? | © Guerilla Games

So we all knew the Horizon franchise wasn't going anywhere, right? I mean, after the success that Aloy's adventures turned into, PlayStation would be foolish to abandon the franchise. In fact, beyond the two games, the Horizon franchise is already planned to come to Netflix soon. Now, it seems that the rumors of an Horizon multiplayer game are about to come true as well.

PlayStation Horizon MMO in the Works

The news was first reported by MTN, who revealed that PlayStation has partnered with the devs at NCSoft to work on a Horizon MMO(RPG). Beyond this mere fact, not many details are known, but the good thing is that NCSoft worked on major MMORPGs in the past: Guild Wars and Lineage, so... they know how to work it. The common thinking is that the Horizon MMO might look a little bit like Monster Hunter, but... that's obviously just an assumption at this point.

Of course, the Horizon MMO is not the only Horizon-related rumor going around. A while back it was also reported that we might be getting a Horizon Zero Dawn remake for the PS5. Yes... a game that's barely 5 years old is already due for the remake treatment. Seems like Sony truly has big plans for the Horizon franchise, though it should also be noted that they have not yet confirmed any of these reports.