GTA Boss Reveals Game Pass Fact And It's Shocking

The Take Two CEO accidentally slipped up and revealed the number of Xbox Game Pass subscribers, and, honestly, they're shocking. Shockingly good.
How many subscribers xbox game pass
Xbox Game Pass is sitting pretty on a ridiculous number of subscribers. | © Rockstar, Microsoft

I love it when big-time people have slip-ups and prove that they're human, just like us. This time, the big daddy behind GTA – Take Two CEO Strauss Zelnick – accidentally revealed the number of subscribers Xbox Game Pass is already sitting on. So if you ever popped the question below... we have the answer.

How Many Subscribers Does Xbox Game Pass Have?

According to Strauss Zelnick, the CEO of Take Two, Game Pass has about 30 million subscribers right now. If that doesn't mean much to you, then let me put it in perspective: Netflix started streaming in 2007 and is sitting at 210 million subscribers. Xbox really got going at the end of 2020 and is at 30 million already. Even if you cut Netflix some slack, because the internet and streaming didn't really get going until after 2010, that's still impressive, considering that Game Pass is gaming only. Just think about how many gamers you know, versus how many people watch movies and TV, and you'll understand what I mean. Also consider how many people you know that have Netflix, and it shows you just what a massive number 210 million subscribers really is. Game Pass' subscriber total is 15% that of Netflix – this can't be over-, nor understated.

You should also get Game Pass, but you shouldn't pay full price for it, because we have a workaround:

Of course, the official number given to us by Microsoft is from many months ago and sat at 18 million. Due to that, people are doubtful of how valid Zelnick's statement is. I'll counter with this: Zelnick owns Take Two. Take Two owns Rockstar and many other gaming companies. Take Two provides these games for Game Pass. Zelnick has to make that decision. What's the first question you think any owner will ask before allowing their product to be streamed and having to name his price tag: "How many subscribers do you have?"

Now, this all took place in an interview with Phil Spencer, and Zelnick was never meant to reveal the number: Phil Spencer quickly chuckled and stated that "the official number is 18 million". It's obvious that Microsoft plans a bigger reveal for its feat, but what's out there, is out there. Obviously, this is not ideal, as it reveals Microsoft's hand, but it sure is quite the brag. 30 million is nothing to scoff at.

If you're interested in the entire interview, you can watch it here:

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