How To Get Your Nintendo Switch Year in Review 2022

The end of the year is coming, and it's time for the Wrap-Up Season. And the Wrap-Up Season continues with the Nintendo Switch Year in Review. We can look back on our gaming year and what we played most on our Nintendo Switch. We'll show you how to get your personal Switch Year in Review 2022.

Nintendo switch oled model
Nintendo Switch Year in Review is online | ©Nintendo

We spent so many hours with our Switch and had so many great gaming moments. With the Year in Review, we can relive them and look back on the year. Whether it's Mario Kart with our friends or Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, it's worth looking back in any case.

If you don't have a Switch yet but want to share a wrap-up with your friends next year, get your Nintendo Switch here.

Create Your Own Nintendo Switch Year in Review 2022

There are so many beautiful games to play with our Nintendo Switch. And yes, we played a lot this year, but there was always a good reason for that. It's just a lot of fun to play on the Switch. And of course we also want to know what we have played the most this year. So hurry up with the next Wrap-Up.

It's really easy to get your Year in Review. You only have to sign up on the Nintendo Switch Year in Review page and to create your Year in Review. Next to the games you've played the most, you'll find the games you've been looking forward to most. But there are more interesting categories to discover. Your favourite games by month and your favorite genre are part of the Year in Review too.

If you click through all the 2022 Year in Review sections, you find some upcoming releases and a few titles you might like. It really is a beautifully done wrap-up and well worth it either way.

Maybe you find Call of Duty in your Nintendo Switch Year in Review next year:

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