How to Get Your PlayStation Wrap-Up 2022

The year is coming to an end and with that, also our gaming year. The PlayStation Wrap-Up offers us the opportunity to look back on this once again. Which game did you really love this year? We'll show you how to get your personal Playstation Wrap-Up 2022.

Play Station 5
Here's how you get your Playstation Wrap-Up 2022. | ©Sony

We experienced so many adventures on PlayStation in 2022, whether as Kratos in God of War Ragnarok or as a Tarnished in Elden Ring. Now we can relive these gaming moments and celebrate our year with PlayStation Wrap-Up 2022. We'll show you how to get your personal Wrap-Up.

Create Your Own PlayStation Wrap-Up 2022

Do we really want to know how much time we spent in front of the PlayStation? The time we played video games will probably be smaller than the time we listened to music, and everyone and their mum posted their Spotify Wrapped. So hell yes, we want to see our Wrap-Up.

Getting your Wrap-Up is really easy. You have to sign in on the Playstation Wrap-Up page and click on all four symbols of the PlayStation controller. The categories hidden behind the icons are: Hours played, games played, trophies earned and PS Plus games. At the end of the Wrap-Up you get a summary card that you can share. My top game was Call of Duty Warzone, and I loved every single hour with my friends on Rebirth Island.

If you click through all the 2022 Wrap-Up sections, you can also receive a voucher code to redeem one of six Astro Bot avatars that reflects your PlayStation gaming achievements this year. I got the Astro Bot with a mashine gun, who actually looks pretty cute, oddly enough.

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