How To Play Greninja in Pokémon Unite

Pokemon unite how to play greninja
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Greninja is one of the coolest Pokémon and, unsurprisingly, is just as cool to play in the new Pokémon MOBA. If you want to main Greninja in Pokémon Unite, but don't know how to play Greninja, then we've got the Pokémon Unite guide you were looking for.

Pokémon Unite is here, and the hype is already through the roof. Everyone is dying to play the Pokémon 5v5 MOBA, and it's ranking high up on Twitch. Of, course we are just as hyped, so we'll be providing you with a lot of Pokémon Unite How-To guides.

Listen, we've got all the Pokémon Unite guides... need other Pokémon? Easy:

How To Play Greninja in Pokémon Unite

Greninja Guide: Basics

As expected, Greninja is an offensive Pokémon that looks to deal as much damage as possible and is not much of a support. Greninja is a ranged specialist, but will also need specialist hands to be played effectively: The cold-blooded ninja is listed at expert-level difficulty.

  • Offense: 4/5
  • Endurance 2/5
  • Mobility 3/5
  • Scoring 3/5
  • Support 0.5/5

Greninja Guide: Evolution

Greninja will start as Froakie and evolve into Frogadier at level 5, before reaching his ultimate form at level 9.

Greninja Guide: Unique Abilities

  • Torrent – If you are at half HP or less, your attack and movement speed are increased.
  • Basic Attack – Every third attack is boosted and will deal increased damage and slow opposing Pokémon. Additionally, at close range, your boosted attacks will deal more extra damage to Pokémon the lower their remaining HP is.

Greninja Guide: Moves

Level 1

  • Bubble | 9s cooldown – Greninja attacks with bubbles that slow opponents.
  • Substitute | 8s cooldown – You leave behind a clone.

How to build: You'll definitely want to pick Bubble at level 1 – its damage is simply too good to pass up on, plus the range allows you to poke early, which is super useful.

Level 5

  • Double Team | 11s cooldown – Teleport a short distance away, while creating copies of yourself to fight in your place. The upgrade lowers the cooldown.
  • Smokescreen| 11s cooldown – You roll away, after creating a smokescreen. Greninja then gains stealth and movement speed, while his next attack is boosted. The upgrade increases your attack after you stop sneaking.

How to build: Smokescreen is as much of a defensive tool, as it is great offensively: You can escape with it, while also using the boosted attack to sneak up on targets with low health and take them down from close range.

Level 7

  • Water Shuriken | 7s cooldown – The shurikens slow opposing Pokémon and restore your HP on hit. Greninja also has increased movement speed while using the attack. The upgrade increases the number of shuriken.
  • Surf | 9s cooldown – Greninja rides a wave that deals damage and heals your own HP. If the move knocks a Pokémon out, the cooldown is reset. Opponents with lower HP take more damage. The upgrade increases the healing.

How to build: Surf, easily. It's a dash, a heal and deals damage that resets the cooldown on a knockout. Combine this with Shell Bell to become a beast.

Level 9 – Greninja Unite Move

  • Waterburst Shuriken – A giant water shuriken that deals damage to an area and decreases movement speed on hit. The shuriken also explodes and throws enemies in the area of effect. Once the move is finished, Greninja can immediately jump to the area of effect to continue his onslaught.

You'll want to use this move early, to follow up with your other attacks that deal increased damage on low HP targets. With its Unite Move, Greninja can easily burst enemies down or decide close team fights.

Greninja Guide: Item Build

  • Held Items | Go with Shell Bell, Float Stone and Energy Amplifier.
  • Battle Item | Eject Button.

Shell Bell increases your healing abilities, while Float Stone makes Greninja even more mobile. Energy Amplifier increases your damage after using your Unite Move, making it perfect to allow Greninja to clean house and burst enemies down in no time.

Eject Button is the usual choice to escape sticky situations... use it to escape.

Greninja Guide: Game Strategy

Greninja's game plan is to poke and wait to burst down low-HP enemies or to clean out team-fights. Using Surf and your Unite move smartly and at the right time, can allow you to team-wipe and become a menace to everybody you catch off guard.

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