How To Play The Counter-Strike 2 Beta Limited Test

Valve has officially revealed the Counter-Strike 2 beta, the first opportunity for players to experience the CSGO upgrade on the Source 2 engine. Then how to get access to it? Here are the details.

CS 2 Beta
How to play the CS2 Beta | © Valve

The Counter-Strike 2 beta started on the same day the game was officially revealed – March 22, 2023. This confirmed the leakers' information, which mentioned the beta launch in March.

We are all so curious about the new game mechanics, so much so that many of us already want to test the new version of one of the most popular FPS series by ourselves.

Here is where we come to your aid. We will give you all the necessary information about how to get the test version of CS 2.

CS 2 Limited Beta Test

In order to play CS 2, you need to get an invitation to the limited test beta from the developers. Valve selects players using a special algorithm that analyzes the following Steam account information:

  • Recent playtime on Valve official servers
  • Trust factor
  • Steam account standing

Unfortunately, there is no way to sign up or signal your desire to participate in the beta. But, Valve assures us on the official Steam site that it will continuously invite new players. In that case, don't worry if you haven't received an invitation yet!

If you are the lucky one, you will receive a notification in the main menu of CS:GO. However, the Counter-Strike 2 Beta at this point has major limitations when it comes to gameplay options. Players will have the option of playing against bots, deathwatch or unranked competitive matchmaking. And all of this, for the moment, only on the Dust2 map.

Are There Exceptions?

It appears that Valve continues "not to disappoint". A user with the nickname @KQLY_ made a post on Twitter announcing that he received access to the CS2 closed beta version on his Valve Anti Cheat banned account.

Well, dude won't be able to play anyway, but the very fact that he received access is pretty funny. Well done Valve!

Beware Of Scams

Remember! The method above is the only real confirmation to get into the test beta. Do not log in to other websites that claim to offer access to the Limited Test or keys to CS2!

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