James Bond Is Coming To Switch & Xbox Game Pass! GoldenEye 007 Release Date Confirmed

One of the most iconic FPS games in video game history is coming to Xbox & Nintendo Switch soon: GoldenEye 007. The game will be free to play for both Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack subscribers and Game Pass subscribers.

Nintendo Switch Goldeneye007
It's finally happening: GoldenEye 007 is coming to the Switch! | © Nintendo America via Twitter

While we wait for the next James Bond game, the ominously-named "Project 007", we've just heard about a new remake to enjoy. This is effectively a port of the 1997 classic GoldenEye, without any enhancements made to the gameplay or graphics. But that's not necessarily a bad thing, we'll be playing it for the nostalgic appeal, after all.

GoldenEye Coming To Xbox Game Pass & Nintendo Switch Online Soon

As recently announced by Nintendo America, GoldenEye will be coming to Xbox Game Pass and Nintendo Switch Online on Friday, January 27. And, even more excitingly, it will be made freely available to Game Pass and Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack subscribers:

If you haven't checked out the Expansion Pack for Nintendo Switch Online, it's basically an upgrade to the subscription service that gives you access to dozens of classic N64 and SEGA Genesis games.

Would you upgrade your Nintendo Switch Online subscription for games like GoldenEye? Oh, and if you don't even have a Switch yet, you can buy a Nintendo Switch here.

And if you didn't play GoldenEye back in the day, here's a trailer from Nintendo themselves to end on: