KOTOR Remake Surprisingly Saved From The Dead

Do you remember when all those rumors suggested the KOTOR remake would be cancelled? Well, it's not true. Hooray! But development is being moved to a new studio...

Kotor Remastered happening
This is where the fun begins! | © 20th Century Studios / Aspyr
In case you didn't hear them at the time, there were tons of rumors in July that suggested the Knights of the Old Republic Remake was in trouble. Luckily, that wasn't exactly true. The game's development has not been easy, and it still looks quite far from release, but the game is not being cancelled. Nope, it's being "moved" to a different studio instead, in the hopes that this second team can do a better job than the first...

Knights of the Old Republic Moves To Saber Interactive

As reported by Jason Schreier, the Embracer Group have relinquished the Texas-based studio Aspyr of their responsibilities, and are giving leadership of the project to another of their studios based in Eastern-Europe, Saber Interactive. And if Jason Schreier reports something, that's about as close to fact as you're going to get in this industry, so we think you can trust this news about KOTOR.

As Schreier writes:

Last Thursday, Embracer said in a financial report that one of its big titles, known within the industry as a triple-A game, had switched developers but did not identify the game. “One of the Group’s AAA projects has transitioned to another studio within the Group,” the company wrote. “This was done to ensure the quality bar is where we need it to be for the title.” Some analysts correctly guessed, based on Bloomberg’s previous reporting, that the statement referred to the Star Wars remake.

So the "quality bar" apparently wasn't where they needed it to be at Aspyr. Oof. Aspyr worked on the first ports of the original KOTOR back in the day, so this one has to be a bit of a personal blow to the folks over there.

Saber Interactive are also a port-focused studio, but they've done a lot more projects recently. Maybe we can trust them then? Or maybe this is all smokescreen for a badly failing project?

Even if Knights of the Old Republic doesn't work out, we've still got this puppy coming up: