Star Wars PvP Shooter Delayed

Star Wars Hunters, the upcoming squad based PvP shooter, has been delayed. Here's why, as well as the new release date.

Star wars hunters delay release date
Actually could turn out to be a really good game... | © Star Wars Hunters

Star Wars is everywhere these days, even coming to Fortnite, but soon, Fortnite won't be the only mobile shooter to feature Star Wars. Of course, I'm talking about Star Wars Hunters, which, to be honest, didn't have me excited at first. Upon its reveal, the game looked rather cheap, but as time went on, and footage rolled out, the PvP shooter looked more and more fleshed out. Now, it seems like we can look forward to a solid Star Wars arena shooter, that we can squad up in. The only caveat: The game was delayed.

Star Wars Hunters Delayed Until 2023

The new release date for Star Wars Hunters is as stated above - 2023. The game is still coming to the Switch, iOS and Android, just at a later date. Zynga announced the delay via Twitter, though they didn't name a specific reason for the delay:

Of course, thanks to the game's soft-launch, some countries are already playing Star Wars Hunters, and the internet is filled with gameplay. If you're not familiar with Star Wars Hunters - it essentially combines the gameplay of an arena shooter, with squads and tactics: Beyond just shooting though, characters come with their fair-share of melee abilities and other skills, that broaden the gameplay to well beyond the usual pew-pew-pew.

For anyone itching to get their hands on the game, patience is the name of the game now, but I always say: Better a delayed, polished game, than another Cyberpunk 2077 debacle. So... take your time, Zynga, we'll still be here in 2023, when Star Wars Hunters is ready to be released.