How To Beat Darth Vader In Fortnite

The Fortnite island features secrets and small activities to complete for players that want extra XP boosts while playing the battle royale, tracking down and eradicating Darth Vader is one of them.

Fortnite vader
Taking down Vader is not an easy task I ©Epic Games

In Chapter 3 Season 3 of Fortnite, the former Obi-Wan Kenobi padawan is roaming free across the island. Of course, players can don Vader's costume by completing the battle pass, but facing the real deal will net them his very own lightsaber, the only one available in the game at the moment.

As you'd expect, Darth Vader is not like any other NPC we've seen in Fortnite, requiring a properly coordinated team to take down. If you're keen on taking his lightsaber or are simply looking for an extra challenge, we've got some tips to, hopefully, help you take down Lord Vader.

How To Kill Darth Vader In Fortnite

While no guide is foolproof, these tips have proven to get the job done while minimizing the risk of getting third-partied by another squad or solo player. Let's begin.

Never go alone

Landing close or near Vader's spot will most likely mean you'll run into plenty of other solo players trying to take him down. While you can get a few shots in and earn XP for killing him if an enemy deals the final blow, a subsequent firefight to see who gets to reap the rewards will mean you'll be an easy target for more patient players looking to take advantage of the mayhem.

If you're "lucky" enough to face Vader with no one else interfering, don't think it'll be easy as he'll prove to be a great challenge to overcome, even if you're stacked with epic and legendary weapons.

Loot before you challenge him

Vader's lightsaber and the E-11 Blaster are up for grabs I ©Epic Games

If you're trying it out as a duo, trios, or in a squad, getting some loot will be better than dropping straight in the Vader landing zone. This is due to the fact that there might not be enough Imperial crates to equip all your teammates, leaving some out to dry. Play it safe, get some shields, pick up some weapons, and then set off to kill the big Star Wars baddie.

Don't get to close... and careful with throwables!

The big feature of Darth Vader's lightsaber compared to others in the game is that it can be thrown similar to a boomerang. Vader will use this as part of his multi-tooled arsenal to try and fend you off.

If you get close enough, he can also either force pull or push you depending on the situation, both proving extremely dangerous. Furthermore, if you drove in any kind of vehicle and tried to run over him, don't leave it near him, as he'll throw it at you using the force!

Clean up the Stormtroopers

True to their nature, the space marines of the Galactic Empire are nothing but a little nuisance most of the time. However, if you're not careful, they can add an additional amount of damage than can prove to be the difference between killing Vader undamaged or having to use resources after the fight.

They have low health so target them first if you can. You'll get their E-11 Blasters so it's worth going the extra mile.

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