How To Get Darth Vader's Lightsaber in Fortnite's Latest Update

With Patch 21.10 we get some fun new mechanics in Fortnite and the re-introduction of Lightsabers!
Darth Vader Fortnite Lightsaber
You must defeat him! | © Riot Games

A lot of new contnet has hit the island, with new Naruto skins coming to Fortnite and lightsabers coming back as well. Patch 21.20 has made fans quite excited for the popular battle royale once more.

Any Star Wars fans out there? If watching Obi Wan wasn't enough, then it's about time you log onto your computers to play some Fortnite, because with the new update you'll be able to use lightsabers... but not just any old lightsaber... Darth Vader's lightsaber. Yes, you read that right, you'll be able to use his lightsaber. How to get it is all explained in this article so keep reading!

Darth Vader Is In Fortnite

In the newest patch a sinister new face can be found on the island. Darth Vader, the Sith Lord himself, is waiting for you to take him down. According to the patch notes you'll be able to find Vader and his Stormtroopers on a specific spot each match.

Then, you'll have to defeat him. Wanting to win the battle royale? That's so 2020, we're here to fight the Sith Lord! Seriously, if you manage to defeat him, which won't be easy mind you, you'll even be rewarded!

By defeating Darth Vader, you'll get his lightsaber as a reward. But this isn't just a cosmetic that's for show. This is actually a pretty insane weapon as well so even if you're not a fan of the Star Wars series and just eyeing that sweet victory you should still try and take on the Sith Lord to get your hands on the lightsaber.

"With Darth Vader's Lightsaber, block incoming fire, throw it boomerang-style at enemies, and of course, swing it at those who get in your way." So you might not have the range of a sniper, but you'll deal some damage with this weapon.

Star Wars Themed Weapons

But that isn't all, the E-11 is also making a return to the island. Those are easy to find in Imperial Chests at Vader's landing sites. Or... you can just defeat those pesky Stormtroopers lurking around Vader and pick one up from them.

Fortnite leaker Shiina has also shown that chests with lightsabers inside will be available as well. That would be pretty exciting, with everyone running around with their Obi Wan skin and a lightsaber in hand, right?