Is Yennefer in Elden Ring?

A fan re-created one of our favorite Witcher characters in Elden Ring, showing off his character online.

Elden Ring and Witcher Collab
Am I dreaming? | © From Software

Elden Ring continues to be one of the most popular games in the world with players reaching the max play time, constantly looking for new guides to reach milestones in the huge open world game. One thing we can say about Elden Ring is that it's a huge success and for good reason.

Some fans have also been making use of the character creator in Elden Ring to recreate their favorite celebrities, book heroes, comic book characters and other game characters in the large open-world game. One player decided that he wanted to play Elden Ring, but add in a dash of Witcher into the mix as well, recreating Yennefer from the game series.

Yennefer in Elden Ring

Reddit user u/JackLendario has shown off his skill with the character creator tool in Elden Ring when he revealed his character and how much like Yennefer from The Witcher 3 she looks like. Honestly, check out the post on Reddit yourself and you'll be amazed with how alike he got her to look.

He even revealed a video on YouTube in which fans are able to see the 3D model of his character as well. Honestly, he hit the nail on the head with this character creator and it gives Elden Ring actual Witcher 3 vibes.

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This recreation of Yennefer really makes us understand just why Geralt of Rivia, the main character of the series was so enraptured with her. JackLendario was even asked if he takes request in one comment on the linked YouTube video of his Yennefer cosplay in Elden Ring. Insane, right?

Yennefer isn't the first The Witcher character to show their face in Elden Ring, with other users having shown off their character creation tool skills before by recreating characters like Ciri as well. Now we can probably guess that some The Witcher fan out there has also recreated the main man himself Geralt of Rivia, right?

Not anyone can recreate such an image though, since the players will need a lot of skill with the character creation tool to get such likeness in their Elden Ring character. You will have to practice quite a bit to get something as close to another game character as JackLendario got. Good luck trying so you can have your own Elden Ring and Witcher crossover!