Doom Co-Creator Is Making A New FPS Game

ID Software co-founder John Romero is making a brand-new FPS game. He stated that this will be a "new dawn" for his Studio, Romero Games. Let's check out, what he has in store for us this time.

Romero Games
Doom co-creator John Romero working on new FPS game. | © Romero Games

John Romero is a legend in the video game industry and worked on several huge titles, including Wolfenstein, Doom and Quake. Now his studio is working on a new FPS game, but they also acquired the help of a major publisher. According to him, this game will have a brand new and original IP, and is going to run on Unreal Engine 5.

Not a lot is known about this upcoming game, but let's check out everything we do know.

Everything We Know About Romero Game's New FPS

To be honest, it's not a lot. In the FAQ section of his website, he states that it's way too early to share any info. All the info he does reveal, is that it's going to be an FPS game developed with a major publisher, and that's basically it. Co-Founder Brenda Romero said that they weren't boarding the hype train yet, since this was one of the problems with Romero's first games. Daikatana which was his first post ID games succumbed to the insane amount of hype it had, which is why, they are keeping things a bit more moderate this time around.

When we take a look at the job listings, all we can gather is that the game will have a multiplayer mode, which isn't a surprise at all, since John Romero is often credited with the invention of the term 'deathmatch'. Apart from that, the game will feature widescreen support, which he semi-confirmed on a tweet.

Unfortunately, that's all the info we have at the moment. It may not be a lot, but this game is still in it's very early stages, and I'm sure we will get some new news in the coming months. Are you excited for his new game?