This Is Definitely the Funniest Action RPG Ever

Comedy isn't usually something that's common in action RPGs - Yet Another Fantasy Title changes that.

Yet another fantasy title
Not making fun of Gandalf at all. | © Yet Another Fantasy Title

Remember Bard's Tale back in the day? As far as I'm aware, that was the last attempt at bringing comedy to Action RPGs. Well... until now that is, because the developers behind Rustler, are bringing comedy back in full form: Yet Another Fantasy Title takes what's fun about Action RPGs and actually makes it... fun.

What Is Yet Another Fantasy Title?

First of all, I gott say: I love the name of the game. I mean it just makes writing about it fun - and the headline above is proof of that. But, I digress... what actually is Yet Another Fantasy Title? Well, it's as the name suggests and then some. The game pokes fun at everything from Diablo to Lord of the Rings, but it's best you see for yourself:

I mean... with games like this, often the humor is a bit... lacking and more than often it's a bit tryhard, while the gameplay looks lacklustre, but in this case... the gameplay looks kinda cool. I mean, playing some random rogue that has random powers and is just badassing his way around the medieval times? I kinda like that, and I must admit - the mechanics look solid - the animations are good, the effects and the sound design are clean, and - all in all - this looks like it could actually shake up Action-RPGs in a semi-meaningful way. I'm excited for this, especially considering that Diablo hasn't been all that latel and Diablo 4 is still ways away ...