Diablo 4 Will Be The Biggest Game In The Series

Diablo 4 is going to be massive according to the developers. Just how many dungeons will the game have?
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Just how big can this game be? | © Blizzard

2022 is already a quarter over, can you believe it? And with that we also get to find out what some of our favorite studios are up to thanks to the quarterly update. Of course, that means some spoilers for Diablo 4 and damn, some of this information has got us hyped.

Just how big will the game be, and what is the atmosphere going to be like? Will this be the biggest Diablo yet? Why, yes, yes it might just be. Hopefully the game can live up to the hype that is slowly growing.

Diablo 4 Will Have Over 150 Dungeons

In the quarterly update, we found out that Diablo 4 is going to be massive. So much content to explore and play through over-and-over. With over 150 dungeons, we sure hope to be preoccupied with the game for a long time. Elden Ring has taken all our time lately, but we can add in Diablo 4 to the must-play games along with it, right?

"In order to create so much high-quality content, we found clever ways to reuse our tile-sets and add enough variety to cover 150+ dungeons," Brian Fletcher, associate art director for environments, explained. "All while providing fresh experiences each time."

So, the adventure in Diablo 4 is going to be massive from an art standpoint and probably from a player's point of view as well. How many dungeons do you want and how many creatures do you want to kill? Answer: Yes.

How can they manage so many dungeons, though? Easy, by 'dressing up' different tile-sets with various themes of varying items and props. These are then put on a layer which can be toggled on or off. So, you can have a dark cave or a druid burial site, depending on what the situation is asking for.

What Atmosphere Will Diablo 4 Have?

Chris Ryder, art director for environments, wrote that they are "approach[ing] creating the environments of Diablo IV through a darker and more grounded interpretation than earlier instalments". This means that they're aiming for a believable, instead of realistic setting.

The art team has focused heavily on things like environment and weather to try and set the mood for the game, while it is going to give players true immersion within the game. So be ready to feel creeped out and like a true fighter in this ARPG.