Among Us VR Officially Revealed [Update]

Among Us was one of the biggest multiplayer titles in recent years, and the VR version is due out later this year. Here are the details and the new reveal trailer!

Among Us
Quality! | © Innersloth

The multiplayer Among Us has put our friendships to the test these past few years. One or more players are on a spaceship as imposters and try to wipe out the crew that goes about their daily work. Now the hit is coming back as a VR title. Despite this, the game will reportedly retain the "core mechanics" of Innersloth's original multiplayer game. And according to a leak in Steam History, the game could be out as early as November, perfect for winter.

Among Us VR Reveal Trailer

Here is the reveal trailer for Among Us VR, first broadcast on the Meta VR showcase on April 20:

Looks pretty damn exciting, no?

Which VR Platforms Are Supported?

The game has been confirmed for Meta Quest, PlayStation VR and SteamVR. It has not yet been confirmed if and when the VR experience will appear on other platforms. But this will no doubt be incredibly popular, so fingers crossed!

When Is The Release Date?

According to an accidental slip up in the Steam database, we can now reveal that Among Us VR is coming on November 10, 2022. Steam will likely work to correct this error as quickly as they possibly can, but at the time of writing (April 13) you can see references to that release date here. They might scrub the record of this little fiasco, but we're pretty confident in that November 10 release date staying the same.

In any case, good news for all fans of the series and of course for those who want to become one. Let's see if the date turns out to be correct, until then we can still play the 2D versions.