Halo Infinite x Among Us Crossover: Free Cosmetics & Details

Do you remember Among Us? Well, we do. Innersloth are bringing Halo to Among Us. Sorry, got distracted there.
Halo among us
Chief looks a little suspicious, if you ask me. | © Innersloth / 343 Industries

Innersloth has confirmed that Master Chief will be making his way into the Among Us universe, bringing with him all the skill and violence to become the world's best Imposter. Is this something that we wanted? Hell yes! Is it something we will totally jump back into Among Us for? Hell yes! Are we hyped? Well, we're pretty sure that you know the answer to that question...

[UPDATE: April 1, 2022]

Free Halo Cosmetics Out Now in Among Us

After a teaser earlier this week (detailed in the article below), Innersloth has integrated a number of Halo Infinite cosmetic items into Among Us. All three of the items are available for free, with the only requirement being that they access Among Us via an Xbox console or the Microsoft Store on PC.

The three free Halo Cosmetics that are available in Among Us are as follows:

  • Spartan Helmet
  • Spartan Armor
  • Guilty Spark Pet

So, it happened! We were right! We got a decent selection of free items to don upon our favourite little Imposters. Have you been playing much Among Us recently? No? Well, now you have a reason to jump back in, however small those reasons are (pun intended).

[ORIGINAL ARTICLE: March 30, 2022]

Ultimately, Halo needs a win right now. Halo Infinite is, factually, losing players. There are some massive problems with the game that a causing this exodus. From a Season 2 that still seems a long way off, and that we know nothing about, we're still waiting for Campaign Co-op, and we're still waiting for Forge. I'm sorry, 343, but Weekly Challenges don't count as real "content".

What won't solve Infinite's woes are cross-over events like this, but what this can do is spur a little bit more love for the franchise and perhaps incentivize 343 Industries to get some of these much-needed features out into the community as soon as possible. What's the news, though, what do we know?

Is Halo Coming To Among Us?

Innersloth confirmed in a Twitter post that Halo will be getting an Among Us crossover, sharing an adorable picture of Master Chief as an in-game Among Us sprite. This short little squat Chief is insanely cute and even has its own li'l Guilty Spark. Honestly, could we ask for more? Not if you ask me!

When will this happen? Well, literally no one knows when this will effectively happen, but what we can say is that if Spartan117 is making his way into Among Us, we will make our way back into the game. This fabulous little game was developed by only a few people, and is an absolute testament to the power of a small and cohesive Indie team.

So we literally don't know anything else about this crossover. When will it come, is it just Master Chief or will other characters also make an appearance? Will it be a paid piece of DLC, or a nice little free crossover to please the fans? What's the deal? We'll update this article repeatedly as more becomes revealed. Keep your eyes peeled and keep checking back here to make sure that you don't miss anything!