These LoL Champions Are Part Of The LGBTQIA+ Community

With Pride Month starting, let's see who's celebrating in Runeterra!

Lo L Pride 2023
Let's celebrate pride month by taking a look at the LGBTQIA+ champions in LoL! | © Riot Games

Back in 2018 Riot started to highlight diversity and acceptance in League of Legends. There are several champions that have been confirmed to be part of the LGBTQIA+ community and a few who could be part, due to hints. Of course, somebody's sexuality or gender are nothing you should speculate about, since we're talking about fictional video game characters it seems less problematic.

With more than 160 champions to chose from, while playing LoL it's a pity, that there are so few considered to be part of the LGBTQIA+ community, but still let's take a look at them!

LGBTQIA+ Champions In LoL

Leona and Diana
Their story is both, beautiful and tragic. I'm not crying, you are! | © Riot Games

Diana (Lesbian) – Confirmed & Leona (Unspecified wlw) – Confirmed

Of course, we all know of Diana and Leona with their heartbreaking backstory. And of course we all wish for a happy ending for them.

Caitlyn (Lesbian) – Confirmed & Vi(Lesbian) – Confirmed

In Arcane, we've seen Caitlyn and Vi interact with each other and their relationship truly is beautiful – and they're pretty gay for each other. To see more of them and maybe get an actual confirmation, we'll have to wait for Arcane season 2. For this year's Pride event, we received a Vi emote and Caitlyn was featured too, so we can pretty much confirm them as part of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Graves (Gay) – Confirmed & Twisted Fate (Bisexual) – Confirmed

These two were Riot's Pride Month 2022 couple, and we can be glad to have them as part of the community, as they make a wonderful addition.
Tf graves pride 0
They sure make a lovley couple! | © Riot Games

Nami (Bisexual) – Confirmed

Legends of Runeterra confirmed Nami recently to be bisexual and that she is in a poly relationship!

Neeko (Lesbian) – Confirmed

Through her adorable naivety, she doesn't comprehend all nuances of human relationships, but she knows with who she wants to be in one.

Rell (Bisexual) – Speculation

Rell being bisexual isn't more than speculation, based on her voice lines. So even if you wish for her to be bisexual, keep in mind voice lines aren't confirmation.

K'Sante (Gay) – Confirmed

He's the first new champion, that was confirmed as part of the LGBTQIA+ community, right as he was released.

Taliyah (Transgender) – Somewhat confirmed

Even though Riot confirmed, that she was supposed to be trans, but then they changed their mind. Until now, Riot hasn't confirmed that she's really trans. But they also didn't deny it. So maybe we'll find out during this Pride Month, if not, we'll have to wait.

Varus (Gay) – Speculation

It's really debatable with Varus. He is made up of two fused lovers, Valmar and Kai, but does that make him gay too?

Sadly, that's already the end of the list, but Pride Month just begun and maybe Riot has some surprises for us, so that we can extend the list.

Not on this list but still a cool champion:

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