Lost Ark Guide: All Mokoko Seeds in Prideholme

The Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark can be well hidden. That's why we will show you how to find them all in the first area of the game, Prideholme.
Lost Ark Mokoko Seeds
See here how to find all Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark's Prideholme. | © Smilegate

Mokoko Seeds are important collectibles in Lost Ark, as they give you different rewards depending on how many you find. They are often really well hidden and there are a ton of them. In Lost Ark, there are over 1,200 Mokoko Seeds. I know, way too many. But we will help you find them all, don't worry.

Prideholme is the main town in Rethramis and the first proper area in Lost Ark. There are nine Mokoko Seeds in this area, seven in the town and two in the cathedral. See here where and how to find all the lost Ark Mokoko Seeds in Prideholme.

All Mokoko Seeds in Prideholme

Mokoko Seeds Prideholme
Here's a map with every Lost Ark Mokoko Seeds in Prideholme. | © Smilegate

There are nine Lost Ark Mokoko Seeds in Prideholme, which you can see numbered on the map above. Here are detailed descriptions on how to find them all.

  1. Find the hole in the side wall (marked with an x on the map) and go into the area outside of the map. Simply walk into the wall at a slant until you find it.
  2. Same procedure as the first Mokoko Seed.
  3. Found under a giant tree.
  4. Seed #4 is on the right side of the big statue in the middle of the city.
  5. This Mokoko Seed is to the right of the door that leads to Neria's Tavern.
  6. This one is under a small tree, close to the statue.
  7. Mokoko Seed #7 is behind a house, so you can't see it. Get to the right spot until you see the prompt to pick up the Seed.
  8. Located in the middle of a field at the most south-eastern part of the map.
  9. The last Mokoko Seed can be found on the far-left side of the fenced yard at the bottom of the map.

And there you go, now you know how to find all Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark's Prideholme. Make sure to check out our other guides on Lost Ark, either to earn tons of gold or pirate coins or to earn Island Tokens in the game.