Lost Ark Guide: How To Farm Harmony Shards

Harmony Shards are important to uprade your gear in Lost Ark. Here's the best guide on how to farm Harmony Shards in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Harmony Shards
See here how to get Harmony Shards in Lost Ark. | © Smilegate

There are so many currencies and ressoruces of different kinds in Lost Ark, it can be difficult to stay on top of all of them. Between Gold and Pirate Coins, you might forget about Harmony Shards. But we're here to remind you of these sweet things and how valuable they actually are. Lost Ark Harmony Shards are used to hone and upgrade gear, which is especially important in the late game of Lost Ark.

Harmony Shards are not easy to get. However, you have some methods in Lost Ark to acquire and pile up these valuable items. Here's our guide on how to consistently farm Harmony Shards in Lost Ark. Follow these steps and you will quickly get a nice amount of shards, to upgrade your gear and increase your gear level as quickly as possible.

Lost Ark Guide: The Best Ways To Farm Harmony Shards

There are six ways, that we recommend for farming Harmony Shards in Lost Ark. We will introduce and explain these methods below. Follow our instructions to get the most out of these and earn as many Harmony Shards as possible.

  1. Island Quests
  2. Chaos Dungeons
  3. Chaos Gates
  4. Exchange Pirate Coins & Bloodstones for Harmony Shards
  5. Do Your Dailies

Island Quests

Island quests are one of the best ways to get tons of Harmony Shards. Completing island quests will grant you tons of Harmony Shards. You only get the rewards once, but going through island quests multiple times will grant you many other rewards, from currency over songs to much more.

Here's a list of all island quests in Lost Ark:

  • Serenity Isle
  • Toto Silver
  • Freedom Isle
  • Blackfang’s Den
  • Peyto Island
  • Lullaby Island
  • Astella
  • Starlight Isle
  • Panda Island
  • Dreamgull Island (Foret’s Minuet required)
  • Golden Wave Island
  • White Wave Island
  • Kalthertz
  • Shadow Island

Chaos Dungeons

Completing Chaos Dungeons will get you plenty of Harmony Shards, in two different ways. First there are the daily rewards, which you can claim twice a day. But even after you're done with those, you can keep playing through Chaos Dungeons, which will grant you certain rewards that you can exchange for useful and valuable items at the Chaos Dungeons Exchange NPC.

That means that you can trade items like Perception Shards for Harmony Shards. However, this feature is also time-limited.

Chaos Gates

Pay attention to world events like Chaos Gates. When one of them appears, immediately head over to a Chaos Gate that is close to your gear level as completing them will reward you with Harmony Shards.

Exchange Pirate Coins & Bloodstones for Harmony Shards

Like we said earlier, you can exchange items and currency for Harmony Shards. The best ways to do so, are by exchanging Pirate Coins & Bloodstones for Harmony Shards. You can use Pirate Coins to get Harmony Shards at traveling merchants in port towns. Bloodstones can be exchanged for Harmony Shards at the Bloodstone Exchange NPC in North Vern. BUT: you need to be in a guild for that.

Do Your Dailies

As usual, this is our number one tip. DO.YOUR.FREAKING.DAILIES. This goes for any MMO and Lost Ark is no different in that. In Lost Ark, the dailies are called Una's Tasks and doing them will grant you just so much stuff, we had to write a dedicated article on Una's Tasks in Lost Ark. Of course, completing certain tasks will also reward you with Harmony Shards.