Majora's Mask In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – Where To Find It

Majora's Mask is iconic. In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you can find and equip it, and we're going to show you where to find it.

Majoras Mask Tot K
Where to find Majora's Mask in Tears of the Kingdom. | © Nintendo via EarlyGame

In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you can collect various sets of armor, new ones as well as some you already know like the Zora Armor. But you can also discover one piece of iconic armor that's linked (hehe) to the franchise like no other: Majora's Mask. It's not that easy to find, but we got everything you need to know about it here for you.

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Majora's Mask In Tears of the Kingdom - Overview

In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Majora's Mask works similar to the Moblin or Bokoblin mask – it helps you to avoid enemies. Unlike the Moblin and Bokoblin Mask, Majora's Mask is not specific to one particular type of enemy. Majora's Mask increases Link's general ability to get past certain enemies unseen. Thus, it is extremely useful when you just want to explore your surroundings and don't want to get caught in a fight all the time.

Where To Find Majora's Mask In TotK

First you should descend into the Depths, probably best through the Great Plateau North Chasm, to get to the Great Abandoned Central Mine. If you need help getting there, we have a useful Tears of the Kingdom interactive map for you here.

From there on, go north to the Floating Coliseum but prepare for a fight before you enter! You should try to maximize your damage with your armor and weapon combination, and maybe have a snack. Inside the Floating Coliseum, you'll have to fight five Lynels – luckily, one at a time.

The difficulty of the Lynels vary, where the last one is the hardest. He wears armor, which you'll have to remove before you can actually damage the beast. For this task, two-handed weapons have proven to be the most efficient, so make sure to bring a variety of weapons with you – be careful, the last one also uses a flame attack. Also, hopping on the back of the Lynels and shooting them as soon as you jump off seems to be a pretty good way to damage them.

After you managed to defeat all five Lynels you'll be rewarded with lots of loot but most importantly, Majora's Mask! Now you can approach the chest in the center of the Floating Coliseum and claim your treasure.

This maybe come in handy if you're travelling through the Depths.

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