Marvel's Avengers Is Coming to Xbox Game Pass: Release Date & More

Marvel avengers xbox game pass release date
The Cap and the Avengers are coming to Xbox Game Pass. | © Square Enix, Microsoft

Square Enix just dropped a surprise announcement that Marvel's Avengers are coming to Xbox Game Pass this week.

So Marvel's Avengers wasn't all that big when it was released, but upgrades, DLCs and commitment from SquareEnix have turned the Avengers game into quite the hot topic: Whenever there's new content or new announcements on the game, everybody is all over it. So, when SquareEnix surprise-announced an Xbox Game Pass release for the game, you just knew that we were gonna be all over it, and... here we are.

Marvel's Avengers Coming to Xbox Game Pass: Release Date

First things first: The game is dropping on Game Pass on September 30. Yes, that's two days from the writing of this article, and I do oh-so-love-it, when a game announcement is close to its release. Waiting? Ain't nobody got time for dat.

Even better: The Xbox Game Pass version of the game will be the complete package and include Kate Bishop, Hawkeye and the entire Black Panther: War for Wakanda expansion. In essence, that means that everything that made the game good post-release, is in there. Xbox Game Pass, you win again.

If you don't know anything about Marvel's Avengers, I recommend this video below. Then again, if you already own Game Pass, you stand nothing to lose by just trying it.

The fact that Square Enix is bringing this game to Game Pass is no surprise: They launched Outriders on the streaming service, and that game passed 3.5 million unique players in its first month. The value of Game Pass can't be understated and more and more gamers are realizing it. If you're intrigued now and don't have Xbox Game Pass, then don't go buying it just yet. With our guide, you can get Game Pass for a third of the price, so... go ahead and watch that first:

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