Mass Effect 5: Development 2023 & Unreal Engine 5

Mass Effect 5
If development doesn't start until 2023, then.... | © BioWare

Jeff Grubb, one of our favourite leakers and insiders, talks about the development of Mass Effect 5, which is not scheduled to start until 2023 and Unreal Engine 5 being strongly considered by BioWare. All the Information here!

If one thing has been learned from the past, it is that Jeff Grubb can be trusted. When this man says he has been able to confirm information, he has. Never has he been wrong afterwards. This time, Grubb has published a series of tweets in which he comments on Mass Effect 5 development.

Mass Effect 5: Development not until 2023

In his tweets he talks about a job listing. But not just any job, no. It's about the position of "Tech Director". That's the main person responsible for the engine on which the game's graphics will be based. It goes on to say that the chosen one should have experience with engines like Unreal Engine 4 and better.

After EA took over BioWare, the studio developed with the so-called Frostbite Engine. Yes, the last Mass Effect was also developed with it and also some other titles like Dragon Age are among the (un)lucky ones. Jeff Grubb states that:

"everything is on the table when it comes to tech for a new Mass Effect."

BioWare cannot afford another failure like Andromeda, and if Mass Effect 5 development is not to begin until 2023, then there is reason to worry that the Frostbite Engine will be long outdated by then.

Is Mass Effect 5 Coming in Unreal Engine 5?

All this and the information from Grubb strongly suggest that we will see Mass Effect 5 in the new, incredible Unreal Engine 5. After all, according to Grubb, they would strongly consider switching to the new tech.

Since EA themselves with the job listing and Grubb with insider information confirmed that Mass Effect 5 will not enter the state of development until 2023, we can probably expect a release of the title at the end of 2025 at the earliest, more likely in 2026. Considering that the developers are changing engines, we'd rather not say anything wrong here...

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