First Meta Quest 3 Details Revealed, Set For 2023 Release

According to an internal presentation, the Meta Quest 3 is set to release this year.

Meta Quest 3
We know first details about the Meta Quest 3. | © Meta

Meta, AKA the artist formerly known as Facebook, has revealed first detailed about its upcoming Quest 3 VR headset. The Quest 2 is one of the best headsets on the market, so people should be excited to hear that the next generation is set to release this year. And it’s shaping up to be another banger.

Meta Quest 3 Coming This Year

Meta’s upcoming VR plans have been revealed by The Verge, which includes first alleged details about the Quest 3. This info comes from a roadmap presentation held by Meta’s Reality Labs division, its VR-focused development studio.

According to this data, the Quest 3 is planned to be released in 2023. The headset is set to be “two times thinner” and “at least twice as powerful” than its predecessor. But that will of course come with a price increase from the $400 for a Quest 2.

The new VR headset is set to merge AR and VR, as it looks to feature front cameras that will allow users to see video of what’s in front of them. The same feature is part of the recently released PSVR2 and is a welcome addition to the classic VR headset.

So far it’s not clear how much exactly the Quest 3 will cost. Technical details have also not been released. We’re excited to see the first official reveals for this thing though.

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