The Ray Tracing Update Is Finally Coming To Elden Ring

The Elden Ring Ray Tracing Update may be coming soon.

Elden Ring Logo
Elden Ring: Gets the long-awaited Ray Tracing Update | © FromSoftware

After a long time of waiting, FromSoftware appears to be following through on their promise to add ray tracing to Elden Ring in an update.

The latest update for the game includes menu options that reference ray tracing, with one string indicating that enabling the feature will prioritize quality and lock performance settings. It appears that the update will offer at least two modes for ray tracing, one for performance and one for quality, which has become a common feature among current-gen games.

Speculation about the update has arisen after a Twitter user posted this:

The assumption suggests in his eyes that we could soon expect a Ray Tracing patch.

What Is Ray Tracing?

Ray tracing is a technique used in computer graphics that simulates the behavior of light in a 3D environment. It creates more realistic lighting and shadows in games and other applications by accurately tracking the path of individual rays of light as they interact with objects in a scene.

This technology can improve the visual quality of a game or application by providing more accurate reflections, more realistic shadows, and more lifelike lighting. However, ray tracing is a computationally intensive process that requires powerful hardware to run smoothly, which is why it has only recently become more widespread with the advent of advanced graphics processing units (GPUs).

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