Minecraft Legends on Android: How To Play The Game On Your Phone

Sadly, Microsoft did not release Minecraft Legends for mobile. But with this little work around, you can play the game on your phone.

Png Minecraft Legends Keyart
Time to play Microsoft Legends on Andriod thanks to a little trick | © Microsoft

Minecraft is beloved by gamers far and wide. Now a new adventure is starting with the release of Minecraft Legends. Although the game is available on all consoles and PC, mobile is sadly not supported. But there is a way for you to play the game on Android with a little trick.

How To Play Minecraft Legends On Your Android

So you want to play the new Minecraft experience to go, but don't own a Switch or Steam Deck? Don't worry, there is a way you can play it on your phone and all you need is an Xbox Game Pass subscription and a controller.

Minecraft Legends is on Game Pass. This means, if you are a subscriber, you can use the Xbox Cloud Gaming service to play the game. Essentially, the game will be streamed onto your phone. To play it, you now only have to connect a controller to your phone. Of course, as a cloud based method, a good internet connection is required.

At the moment this is the only method, you can use to play Minecraft Legends on mobile and most likely it will stay that way. Theoretically you should be able to use the service on certain Apple devices as well, but double check on the Microsoft website if your iPhone is compatible.

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