Minecraft Legends Playtime: How Long Is The New Minecraft Game?

Minecraft Legends is the newest iteration of the classic series, but how long will the game take to complete? Here's everything you need to know about the Minecraft Legends Playtime.

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The Minecraft Legends playtime is maybe not quite as long as you hoped for. | © Mojang

The newest spin-off of the Minecraft franchise is a real-time strategy game called Minecraft Legends. The game mostly features a campaign that players can take on by themselves or in a co-op party. Across the campaign, players will be able to visit different locations, fight off teams of enemies, and follow a story-driven narrative. All the while, players are still experiencing the same graphics and some of the same gameplay that has been present in Minecraft over all of these years.

In the lead-up to the launch of Minecraft Legends, players have some questions about the game and how it will work. Although, one of the more prominent questions from the community is regarding the total playtime of Minecraft Legends. Since this is a completely fresh experience for Minecraft players, they aren't sure how much time they can expect to put into the game.

Below, you can see exactly how long the developers think it will take players to complete the campaign of Minecraft Legends.

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Minecraft Legends Playtime: How Long To Beat The Game

While the game has not launched yet, the executive producer at Mojang, the developer of Minecraft Legends, has stated how long they think the single-player campaign will take. According to them, the campaign will require around 18-25 hours to complete. This is thought to be for both a solo experience and a co-op one.

However, if players are thinking about taking part in any additional content aside from the main story, the game will take players longer. Players could try to find all of the collectibles in the game, which would add to their total playtime. If players want to truly find all of the extra content and go for a completionist run, Minecraft Legends could take upwards of 30 hours or more.

Players will also be able to complete post-launch content, called Lost Legends. This content will contain mini-games, which give players skins and other rewards upon completion. All of this will add to a player's total amount of time spent in Minecraft Legends. Essentially, players will spend at least 18 hours in the game and then anything extra is up to them.