Star Wars Meets Anime: Morbid Metal

Morbid Metal is Star Wars meets anime. Let me convince you of that.
Morbid metal
You don't have to like the gameplay style, but the graphics are undoubtedly beautiful. | © Felix Schade

Video games these days often take years to make and a team of hundreds, if not more, people to complete. That is why we must not ignore the ones that were made by a smaller team, maybe an indie company… and definitely when it’s only one person.

Morbid Metal is Felix Schade’s baby. It’s a 3rd person sci-fi action roguelite that, from the trailer below, looks a lot like a Star Wars game made in anime style. You can “shapeshift into unique characters to slaughter enemies with powerful combos.”

The graphics are absolutely mindblowing and the fighting looks extremely smooth. The shapeshifting, the abilities… it’s hard to imagine that just a single person managed all this, but Felix Schade’s the prime example that anything is possible if you just put the effort and time into something, as well as have passion and love what you’re doing.

We’ll closely be following Morbid Metal on its journey and would highly recommend you guys to follow Schade’s Twitter for updates on Morbid Metal if you’re into 3rd person roguelites, love Star Wars and anime or just want to support a small creator with his dreams… though to be honest, this game might just make you big, Felix.

There's also boss fights and these... machines remind us a lot of Horizon Zero Dawn (here you can find all the Horizon Forbidden West machines for comparison). It also looks like the game is going to have cut scenes from the video below, but just how much story will be involved in Morbid Metal, we're not sure.

Again, we're sure we'll be hearing more about Morbid Metal in the future, and we can't wait for more content to keep us updated.