New Mass Effect Gets First Teaser Image

The New Mass Effect has been a mystery so far, but because of yesterday's N7 day, BioWare felt like it was time to share the first image of the next installment.

Mass effect continue
It's nothing, but it's also everything... | © BioWare

In case you don't know what N7 day is: each year on November 7, people celebrate Mass Effect. That day is filled with goodies ranging from discounts to games, artwork for sale and voice actors celebrating Mass Effect. Yesterday, however, BioWare dropped a bomb when they released the first teaser image for the next Mass Effect game that they're working on. And because I'm me and I have played these games way too many times for my own good, I am here to dissect everything about this picture.

But before that: here's the tweet with the said picture (be aware that it tells you literally nothing... unless you're like me and have spent an unhealthy amount of time romancing every single alien in this goddamn game).

Alright, let's begin by the most obvious thing that's in the picture: a Krogan and an Asari. The person on the very right could be a Turian and the one at the front of that party could be a human.

Now, this is just wishful thinking, but because the Krogan is clearly red... could it be Wrex? And could the one in the middle then be Liara (who we know plays some part in the next Mass Effect) and the one on the right, Garrus? Then the one at the front has to be Shepard, though, right?

The reason why I'm skeptical about this being Wrex is that, depending on your choices, Wrex is dead. If you've played Dragon Age: Inquisition, you know that the reason why the Hero of Fereldan wasn't part of Inquisition unlike Hawke, was because some Heroes had died at the end of Origins and then having the Hero play an important part of the game was impossible. Having Wrex then be in the next Mass Effect and play a seemingly significant part also seems kind of impossible, doesn't it? Same with Shepard, by the way.

A big reason why many people believe that the next game you will not be playing as Shepard, is because some Shepard's have canonically died. Imagine you were building your Shepard on that storyline and liking that bittersweet ending... only to be forced to play him again in the next part? Nah, don't think so.

The shape of the crater is what really interests me, though. It looks oddly like a huge Geth, but could a Geth really be this big? Some people have pointed out that it could be a Mass Relay, but the crater doesn't really have the right shape for it, same story for a Reaper, not the right shape.

One thing is for sure though... that body lying at the very top is a geth. And if we're in the mindset of this being Shepard, Liara, Wrex and Garrus then this might as well be Legion? But a lot of things had to have happened in Mass Effect 3 (no spoilers, but you know, the whole Tali vs. Legion thing) for this to truly be Legion.

So, here's the thing: we don't know sh*t and right now, it's just speculation.

It'll be a long time before we will find out more about the next Mass Effect, unless BioWare drops another surprise teaser trailer at the Game Awards this year. Should that be the case, though, you know where to go for all the info on it (Spoiler alert: it's EarlyGame).