Naughty Dog Seems To Be Working on Uncharted 5

Uncharted was on mobile. Note: Was. Naughty Dog shut the game down, and it might be because of a new Uncharted.
New uncharted 5 game
A new Uncharted woud probably no longer include Nathan Drake. | © Michael Shinde, ArtStation

Fortune Hunting was Uncharted on the go... as a puzzle game. Of course, Uncharted had a cheap mobile game, except this one wasn't cheap, it was actually good - according to the ratings. Yet still... this happened:

Yup, Naughty shut Fortune Hunter down, despite it earning 3.9 and 4.4 review averages on Android and Apple. Why? Why shut something down that only needs minimal support and where most of the work is already done? Well... I have a theory:

New Uncharted Game Is in Development

We rumored about the new Uncharted game before, and Naughty Dog also confirmed that they want to keep the universe going, but still, this mobile game getting shut down is our biggest indicator yet. Why would you shut down something that needs minimal manpower? Exactly: Because you need that manpower elsewhere. More specifically, you focus all that manpower onto your main project and scrap the cute puzzle game.

Am I reaching? Sure, but that's my job. Still, with everything we know about an Uncharted game supposedly being in development, this reach does make sense. Don't be surprised if this mobile game being shut down is just the beginning: I predict the classic job-posting leak within the near future. After all, Naughty Dog currently has no other announced projects, and with the movie just having been released, and The Last of Us coming to HBO in 2023... they have their name out there and should strike the iron while it's hot.