Setting Of Next Battlefield Already Leaked

The new Battlefield just barely got enough time to flop, and it's already old: The setting of the new Battlefield just leaked.
Battlefield modern day setting
Modern day or slightly futuristic: Your soon to flop Battlefield. | © Long Zhang

The failure flopped, long live the failure: A new Battlefield is happening and its setting already leaked. Are you surprised? I'm not. We all knew a new Battlefield was coming, I'm just wondering how they're gonna turn this one into a good game, if they're already far enough in development for the setting to leak...

New Battlefield Set in Modern Day

All of this leaking goodness comes courtesy of XFire, which claims to know that the new Battlefield will be set in modern times - or just slightly in the future. This is hardly surprising, since it was highly demanded by the fans - or at least what few remain.

EA has not made any statements yet, though they did claim to have learned "valuable lessons" from Battlefield 2042. Of course. What else are they going to say?

What we do know is that DICE will no longer solo the development of the next Battlefield, because they just pooped the bed too hard. Despite the setting having been leaked, there is no release window for the new Battlefield yet, and if EA truly learned its lesson, then they won't rush this one, Then again... they took their time with Battlefield 2042, and look how that turned out, so maybe... rush ahead.