"No Shotguns" BattleBit Devs Remain Committed To Good Balance & High Skill Gap

BattleBit doesn't have shotguns and the devs recently revealed that this won't change. If only the Call of Duty devs cared that much about creating a skill gap...

No Shotguns Allowed Battle Bit Devs Committed To Good Balance
BattleBit is the "Roblox-Battlefield" game you've been hearing about. | © SgtOkiDoki

If you can get past the Roblox-looking characters, there's some really thoughtful gameplay design to be appreciated in BattleBit. They haven't just "copied" the basic elements laid out by Battlefield and CoD, they've actually improved upon a lot of those elements.

One area where BattleBit stands head and shoulders above CoD and Battlefield is in weapon balancing. The devs of this game are clearly committed to having a skill gap, and so shotguns have been understandably removed. But while some beg for shotguns to be added, the founder just doubled down on his commitment to keeping shotguns banned.

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Shotguns WON'T Be Coming To BattleBit

In a recent AMA with the devs of BatteBit, a Reddit-user asked whether shotguns will ever be added to the game. One of the developers, TheLiquidHorse, was able to give a definite answer: "No shotguns". Short and sweet.

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This is incredible for fans of the game. Shotguns are nearly impossible to balance, and in almost every shooter that includes shotguns, they are either broken or useless. Even in games where they are better balanced, shotguns lower the skill gap of combat because they only require one or two shots to be vaguely near the target, as opposed to requiring consistent accuracy like other weapons.

Of course, some fans will always want shotguns, but we're confident that the devs have made the right decision here.

What do you think? Are the devs too harsh, would you like to use a shotgun?

At least cheating isn't rampant in BattleBit:

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