New Pokémon Arceus Gameplay Details Leaked

Finally, some gameplay leaks on Pokémon Arceus emerged, and you're gonna be surprised,

Pokémon legends arceus
If this leak is true, Arceus will be the most mature Pokémon game yet. | © Gamefreaks

Pokémon Arceus is easily one of the most anticipated games of next years, and, as is always the case with highly anticipated games, leaks are everywhere. Now, we finally got some gameplay details that reveal some details about Pokémon Arceus we didn't know about, and which make us feel like Pokémon Arceus will be the most detailed Pokémon game yet.

Pokémon Legends Arceus Gameplay Details Leak

The leak comes our way via Twitter, where insider Riddler Khu claims to have some inside scoop on the next Pokémon game. If you're wondering about his credibility: The reason we consider Riddler Khu trustworthy, is due to past leaks which have all proven to be true. Anyway, here's the latest scoop:

"The hardcore game incorporates a reasonable resource allocation in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. You must pay attention to the berries, minerals, and other resources of Pokémon. You need to buy item slots as the game progresses, craft Poké Balls, and launch them effectively. Avoid mindless collecting and hone your progress. This game has the longest game duration in the main genre,” he adds. “Your ultimate goal is to catch Arceus (I wonder how many players will finish it) in addition to completing Hisui’s Pokédex if you don’t want to hunt shinies in this single-player adventure game."

The tweets prompted a reply from a fan, who asked how hard the game is on a scale of 1-10, to which Riddler Khu responded that the game takes more practice than other Pokémon games, and that some parts are a bit difficult, but it's still easy enough if you're willing to grind.

I don't know about you, but I love it: Finally, a Pokémon game that is a bit more mature. Long overdue, if you ask me. After all, my generation grew up on Pokémon too, and the kiddy-approach is something we've sadly outgrown by now. Good move, Gamefreaks.