This RPG Is Diablo Meets Dragon Age With Kung Fu and I Want It Now

Brass Lion Entertainment is working on a new Kung-Fu RPG: Project Shaolin. Yes, it sounds as cool as it is. Read on.

Project shaolin kung fu rpg xbox
The only question is... why are there not more martial-arts RPGs? | © ArtStation

Project Shaolin. Yes. Goosebumps already. Where to start? For one, this is 'holy sh***********t' levels of dope because this is the first real martial-arts RPG since Jade Empire (ok, Sifu is coming too, but that's not really an RPG). Also, the fact that the Wu-Tang Clan will make the music for it... pretty holy sh*t worthy.

Project Shaolin: A BioWare-Like RPG with Martial Arts & Wu-Tang ?

Project Shaolin Gameplay Details

Alright, so here's the skinny – and it really is skinny, 'cause we don't know a lot:

  • Third-Person
  • Fantasy Action RPG
  • Developed by Brass Lion Entertainment, newly formed studio.
  • Anime inspired, with a lengthy single player campaign.
  • 4 player Co Op
  • Focus on melee combat.
  • Extensive loot system
  • Dungeons
  • Soundtrack to be done by Wu Tang Clan.

You get me, bruv? Anime. Melee. Third-Person. Do you get me? Bruv? I mean, holy smokes Batman, this is only everything I ever wanted. This sounds like it will take straight-up Sifu-style combat, give me four companions and let me have my Diablo moments except it's not top-down clickedy-clack, I'm a mouse warrior.

I. Want. It. Now.

Who's Developing Project Shaolin?

Brass Lion Entertainment. No biggie. The studio heads just worked on Mass Effect, The Elder Scrolls and Fallout. No big deal at all. Ignore the bulge in my pants. Moving on.

Project Shaolin Will Be Xbox Exclusive

Yes, this game is yet another Xbox exclusive that will be launching on Microsoft's systems only. Yes, that also means that the game will also launch on Game Pass, and, yes, this means Game Pass just got even more attractive, and remains the best deal in gaming (seriously, you can get it for like a dollar).

Is Project Shaolin Related to the Shaolin PlayStation Game?

Not like any of you remember this old-ass game. As far as I'm aware... no. Since Shaolins are obviously integral to Kung-Fu culture (duh), it's no surprise that the devs chose the name Project Shaolin, but it's also incredibly uncreative. Chances are, they'll change the name anyway, but I'm just hoping they don't add Wu-Tang to the title, because that would have flop written all over it. Speaking of which:

How Is Wu-Tang Clan Involved in this Game?

Simple: They're doing the music. It's not clear if it's just the RZA or the entire clan, though. If it's only the RZA, then, arguably, this music wouldn't even necessarily be hip-hop, because my man has long proven that he's a musical savant, and he is capable of delivering musical mastery in many genres. I'm not sure if I even want a dungeon-looter RPG to be scored by Hip-Hop music... it just... doesn't seem fitting. Then again, it would be original af, and... damn it, I want my Kung-Fu RPG to have hip-hop. Get it done, RZA.

Did I mention the fact, that all of these will come with anime graphics? Just in case y'all forgot...