PS Plus: Price Increase Announced

Sony has confirmed an upcoming price increase for certain PlayStation Plus subscription models. Here are the details.

PS Plus: Some subscription models are getting more expensive soon. | © Sony

Alongside the reveal of the PlayStation Plus September 2023 Essential games, Sony has announced a price increase for the 12-Month subscription plans, starting on September 6. According to Sony, "This price adjustment will enable us to continue bringing high-quality games and value-added benefits to your PlayStation Plus subscription service." They didn't mention any specific new games or benefits, only the increased price.

PlayStation Plus Essential, Extra And Premium: New Prices For The 12-Month Subscription

So, here are the new prices:

  • PlayStation Plus Essential 12-Month Subscription: 79.99 USD | 71,99 Euro | 59.99 GBP | 6,800 Yen (Approx 33% price increase)
  • PlayStation Plus Extra 12-Month Subscription: 134.99 USD | 125,99 Euro | 99.99 GBP | 11,700 Yen (Approx 35% price increase)
  • PlayStation Plus Premium 12-Month Subscription: 159.99 USD | 151,99 Euro | 119.99 GBP | 13,900 Yen (Approx 33% price increase)

PlayStation Plus Explained: Features, Tier Differences & Price

Sony has stopped publishing the amount of PS Plus subscribers several weeks ago, which has already considered to be a sign for an upcoming price increase. According to Sony, the price increase won't take effect for active 12-month subscribers until their next renewal date that occurs on or after November 6, as long as you don't actively change your membership status.